Dr. Disrespect joins PUBG Mobile in 13 Days of Halloween event

Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm IV, a broadcaster and influencer, will join the game in the 13 Days of Halloween event, according to PUBG MOBILE.


The Halloween extravaganza will come to a finale next week, on October 29, with the live streamer wrapping it off in one big event. In the event finale, the Doc joins forces with other well-known PUBG MOBILE broadcasters for a live streamed event. 13 Days of Halloween concludes at 5 p.m. PST with an exciting mobile gaming battle amongst the finest.

In a series of matches, Dr Disrespect will partner up with three different sides. Wynnsanity, Her Gaming, and BellaFox are among the most well-known players on these squads. He'll choose one player from each squad to form a star-studded roster once they've played with each other.

During the event, three independent teams of PUBG MOBILE content producers will join together and compete against one another. Four of the event matchups will feature Dr. Disrespect himself. He joins several content creation teams named after his slogan throughout the first three encounters. Different streamers make up Team Violence, Team Speed, and Team Momentum, with the Doc participating on each team for the first three games. The Doc will choose three creators from each of the three teams in his fourth game. During the fourth match, his top picks form a new squad with whom to battle.

13 Days of Halloween
All sorts of top PUBG MOBILE content creators will help celebrate through the 13 Days of Halloween event. Various live streams, competitions, and costumes are involved between the players with content continuing to unfold. Everything can even be viewed and followed through the official PUBG MOBILE YouTube channel.

Finally, a special giveaway or sweepstakes will take place to involve fans too. The Ride to Survive Sweepstakes celebrates the PUBG MOBILE 13 Days of Halloween event with a chance for one winner to earn a 2021 Ural Sidecar Motorcycle. Fans can also participate in the Who Will Doc Choose? contest to guess who joins the final team with Dr Disrespect.

The PUBG MOBILE 13 Days of Halloween promotion will continue for another week, till October 29. Fans and players have been raving about the event since it began on October 17 and are hoping for more. The finale, which will feature Dr. Disrespect and even more great producers, will generate unrivaled excitement and participation.