DR Hellcats has defeated EVOS Savage Girl with a score of 2-1 in FSL Wild Rift Open II Finals

Last Sunday(June 13), on the FSL Wild Rift Open II, DR Hellcats, a Filipina League of Legends: Wild Rift team was crowned as the winners after defeating the Vietnamese team, EVOS Savage Girl with a score of 2-1 in the grand finals.


The teams that reached the final leg of FSL Wild Rift Open II are DR Hellcats, EVOS Savage Girl, Nexplay Tempest(also a Filipina team), and Space Gamer KALLYX(Thai team) after withstanding the other 32 teams from the preliminary bracket of the tournament. As the DR Hellcats and EVOS Savage Girl came from the winner’s bracket from the preliminary rounds, they are already in the upper bracket. To advance in the grand finals DR Hellcats defeated EVOS Savage Girl resulting for the Vietnamese team to fall in the lower bracket.

After falling into the lower bracket, EVOS Savage Girl awaited their match with Space Gamer KALLYX after the latter defeated Nexplay Tempest. Then EVOS Savage Girl defeated Space Gamer KALLYX and had a rematch with DR Hellcats for the best of three in the grand finals.

EVOS Savage Girl started strong in the first round resulting in the defeat of the DR Hellcats. However, DR Hellcats was resilient and was able to force the grand finals into their favor. Two consecutive wins was all it took for the Filipina squad to secure the grand finals and emerged victorious.

DR Hellcats took home SG$250 out of the prize pool of FSL Wild Rift Open II amounting to SG$500. EVOS Savage Girl took home SG$120 for being in second place. As for Space Gamer KALLYX and Nexplay Tempest, they both took home their own prizes amounting to SG$75 for the former and SG$50 for the latter.