Dr. Stone Mobile Game Set to Release in 2021 iOS Android 

We are no strangers to love, you know the rules and so do I! Iconic line aside, this can be referenced to a lot of things where it is a common occurrence, be it in any part of life. Well, this time, another anime will have another mobile game in the future, and the success of this one is evident enough why it has garnered one.

Dr Stone.jpg

Planned to be released in 2021, Dr. Stone will be getting a mobile game that could be great if the execution is well-done. We all know that a great IP can bring a lot of players but a proper execution retains them and develops customer loyalty in the future. We've seen games such as Fate Grand/Order being handled well and there is some Attack on Titan, Naruto, and other great IP games that have failed games due to lack of great management and execution of the game.


What will be expected in the game though? From what we have heard it will be your standard collect materials, craft items, and fight in battles, now if they can make it interesting, it is up to them, but for me, this is something that can be looked forward to in the future.

We'll be in the lookout if this Dr. Stone game will be anything big, want more information? Join the discussion now!