Dragon Lair 6 Guide (saphitera isle) Dragon Nest M


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May 11, 2015
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Saphitera hell guide First Form

Dragon cannot move in a canyon, there are 9 lines of HP, high damage, large range, the most important is the fast attack speed that giving people less reaction time, but the skills are a little less than the second form.

Skills and coping methods White Dragon Breath: After the system prompts you to hide in the safe area, the dragon will spray the dragon's breath, covering the entire map. The damage is extremely high. Basically, it is spiked when hit.

Coping methods: There is a safe area on the right side of the map, where we can immunize BOSS's long-interesting skills. The tank must bring good acceleration skills to avoid rushing into the safe area.

Second Form:
Skills added by x40

1. Ice Ball: Sea Dragon will spit an ice in the air and will hit all alive teammates. The dragon will raise its head with an icy breath in his mouth. This is an indicator that you should dodge soon.

Responsiveness: This skill tests the reaction speed particularly. It will hit instantly upon the appearance of the red circle. You will be frozen when you are late.

2. Fan wings: After being attacked in the abdomen, Sea Dragon will open a defensive form and use the wings to release the shock wave and blow the people around.

Coping methods: See the system prompts: Sea Dragon's abdomen is attacked, after opening the defensive form, it runs to the surrounding, or jumps open, it doesn’t matter if it does not escape; the damage of this skill is not high.

3. Rotate Breath: At x40, the Dragon will fly in mid-air, continue to breathe out Dragon Breath, and circle around the venue.

Coping method: This skill is similar to the apocalypse of the laser around. After seeing the dragon flying, it immediately follows the tail of the dragon, so that you will not be harmed.

4.Ice Cage: After rotating breath, the dragon will push you away from him. You will be given 5-6 secs to get near the tank to thaw the ice cage.
Coping Method: The tank must go near the teammate to immediately thaw the ice. This skill cannot be dodged. The Mercenary must immediately cast a Highlander to prevent the tank from dying.

5. Breathing sideways: When the sea dragon returns, there will be a rectangular orange attack area on the ground. It will attack people beside you. Sometimes the BOSS will do so when no one is around.

Coping method: When BOSS looks back, step back avoid the damage.
6. Black Hole: The blue vortex appears around the dragon and begins to store power. In 6 seconds, you need to interrupt the skill bar. Otherwise, the black hole will explode to kill everyone

Coping method: When the BOSS casts the black hole, it will interrupt the skill bar with a big move. The BOSS will put 2 black holes in total.

7. Finishing: Dragons swing their tails, causing fan-shaped attacks on enemies behind them.

Coping method: Tank in the front, the output unit should not stand behind, attack in the abdomen position is the best, if, behind the BOSS, the members should pay attention to dodge from the damage.

8. BOSS less than 20 lines of HP new skills
Thunder: The dragon flew up into the sky. There were several large red circles on the ground. There was a safe area in the middle of the red circle.

Coping method: This skill can be evaded by staying still or you may stay in one spot with your teammates.

9. Magma Projectile: Dragonfly to the sky, the system gives a hint: Dragon is staring at you in the air! Then the sea dragon began vomiting magma and spit 4 times in total. The number of magma shells was determined by the number of people.

Coping methods: This skill is like the axe thrown by the Minotaur in SDN 4. Run but don't overlap with your teammates.

Sharp tip drill upgrade: An oversized rectangular range of attack bars appeared on the ground. In the moment when the Dragons stretched their heads, players who did not escape within range would suffer a great deal of damage.

Coping methods: It's hard to get outside the range, so we need to double dodge at the moment of BOSS attack.


Mar 4, 2015
Dragon Nest Mobile PvP with Engineer Class

Dragon Nest M Beginner Walkthrough from Academic to Engineer Class


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May 11, 2015
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Dragon Lair 5 Guide(VENOM FOREST)

Assign a gardener to make a safe zone when boss cast world of poison (A full-screen AOE skill that can kill all party members).

The safe zone is right on the platform with wildflower.

Keep the wildflower as low as it can be and be sure not to kill too early until the right time.

The first world of poison will be cast once the boss HP drops to X4.

Clear one of the wildflowers at the platform to get the safe zone in well prepared.

Keep in mind that the boss will cast POISON SPORE to a random teammate that can deal high damage to those who stand near to the zone.

The team will just damage the boss until 2 Cyclops monster is being summoned on the stage (kill the Cyclops in 30 seconds,).

Boss will be appeared on the ground, prepare a safe zone for the team to avoid taking any damage to the world of poison.

Repeat the process until the boss HP drops to X0

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