Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Starter Guide - Make the most out of your adventure!

Everyone is already here and waiting for you adventurer! Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is the comeback that millions have been anticipating. The sequel to the iconic MMORPG now published by Level Infinite welcomes the return of many adventurers worldwide as they experience a new chapter in the game’s rich story, meet old and new friends and take on mythical dragons.


For a first adventurer, taking on the world of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution may look like a challenging task but fear not! Just like the tutorials in the game we have prepared a guide to quickly get you on your feet and make the most out of your adventure in the lands of Altea.

Choose a path that suits you - Character creation and picking a class

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution offers a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. If you’re familiar or are well versed with other games, then it’s easier to pick what role you’d prefer and it’s pros and cons. For the newer player though, this can be a feel little tricky but it really shouldn’t be! Playsyles are how you want to play the game - do you like close combat and strike enemies head on? How about ranged attacks and strike foes from afar or magic, use of spells to deal massive damage. Aggression does not suit you? No worries there are supportive roles too! Whatever your playstyle is there's a class that suits your preferences. If you still are not sure then you can always try out all the different characters to find the one that matches your style.

Master your skills and gear up for success!

Once you've chosen your character, the next focus would be on mastering their skills and combos. Each character class has powerful abilities that can be combined strategically for devastating effects. Practice in low-stress environments, like repeating low level dungeons, to improve your skill rotations and perfect your combat style. Together with mastering your skills and skill combos is also acquiring and upgrading gear. The strength and survivability of your character would also depend on the quality of your equipment. Enhance your weapons, armor, and accessories to maximize your combat potential.

Conquer both PvE and PvP

Dragon Nest 2: Evolution provides a rich PvE or Player versus Enemy experience with various dungeons, quests, and challenges. Epic boss battles unravel captivating storylines, and treasures are waiting to be discovered. During PvE battles, be sure to pay attention to boss mechanics and adapt your strategies accordingly as you explore the world. Also be sure to use the handy-dandy Dodge button to quickly get you out of troublesome situations.

For those seeking competitive thrills, the PvP or Player versus Player arenas offer a chance to really test your skills against other players. PvP modes often require different tactics than PvE scenarios, so be prepared to adjust your playstyle. Understanding your character's strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of your opponents, is key to succeeding in PvP battles.

While it's tempting to level up quickly, remember to strike a balance between leveling up, exploring content, and honing your skills. Rushing through the game might cause you to miss out on valuable experiences and insights.


Team up and conquer dungeons together!

Another fun element of Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is the social experience. You don’t have to play solo and you can team up with fellow players to form parties for more exciting adventures. Many communities the Official Dragon Nest 2: Evolution Philippines group are full of players that are ready to help you out and even welcome you to their guilds for shared experiences and victories. Once you’re in a party though be sure to coordinate your abilities with your teammates, communicate effectively, continue to hone combos, with other players this time, and overcome challenges together.

Have fun!

Above all, remember that Dragon Nest 2: Evolution is a game meant to be enjoyed. Immerse yourself in the captivating world, embrace the challenges, and savor the victories. Whether you're engaging in intense battles, exploring hidden corners of Altera, or participating in events, the journey is what truly makes the game rewarding.

To learn more about Dragon Nest 2: Evolution and claim the in-game rewards for pre-registration, please visit the official website or keep up to date via the official channels below. In addition, the game will be available on Google Play Store, Apple Store, Huawei AppGallery, and OPPO Store.

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