Dragon Nest M Dark Avenger


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May 11, 2015
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New Version "Dark Avenger" Update on SEP 20

Dragon Nest M will be maintained at 7:00 AM - 11:59 AM, SEP 20 (UTC+7) to update the new version "Dark Avenger". Please log out the game in advance to avoid any loss. Thanks for your support.

1. After maintenance, players are required to download the new version from Google Play/App Store or new APK to play the new version.
2. There may exist bugs in the new version. Please report to us if you find anyone. We will fix it ASAP.
3. The Servers may open earlier or later than the scheduled time. It depends on the actual progress of maintenance.

New Patch Content
1. New Spin-off Class of WarriorAvenger
2. Awakening of all classes (Unlock at Lv60
3. New 4-person team feature: Infinite Dreamland
4. New Jade Combination system
5. New 2 Jade slots and new types of powerful Jade.
6. New Features in Guild: Wild Hunting, Guild Donation, Guild Council, and Guild Lab
7. Mount Collection System. Collect mount to acquire attribute.
8. Mount can be salvaged to Vestine's Gift, which is used to exchange for Grade S Mount in Gods' Bazaar.
9. Wedding system is upgraded. More features are unlocked.
10. Dragon-Ware Craft. Dragon-Ware Fragment is collected from Infinite Dreamland.
11. Dragon-Ware Polish. Polish Stone is collected from Infinite Dreamland. Polishing will change the attribute and keep the skills.
12. Class Changing optimization
According to the Class:
The core attribute of the Accessories will be changed
The core attribute of the Heraldry third attribute will be changed
The Physical and Magic attributes will be exchanged.
13. Sweeping Function.
BOSSRUSH Sweeping Function (Custom House Privilege is required)
Nest Sweeping Function (The Sweeping Coupon can be collected from Event)
14. New Squad Chatting Channel
15. Cross-server Guild war is coming soon.
16. Class skills adjustment
17. Game optimization
18. Fixed Bugs
19. More exciting events.