Dragon Nest M Desert Dragon Hell - Stage 1


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May 11, 2015
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Desert Dragon Hell - Stage 1
Duo Run
Server: S2 SEA
Guild: Encore
Squad: Viper


1. At x4 health bar, the boss will unleash Dust Storm. Burst damage will degenerate the blue bar below the boss. Failure to break it will cause insta kill to the entire party.

2. At x3 health bar, the boss will use Desert Hurricane skill. If you get caught by the hurricane, you will be knocked up for a period of time while taking damage.

3. If you get hit by any of her hurricanes, you will have an eye icon on top of your character. This greatly reduces your damage and if the Dust Storm triggers, you won’t be able to break it. That means insta-KO to your party.

4. The skills that the boss use are very similar to Banshee Naga of Manticore Nest with the exception of hurricane attacks. The boss unleashes small multi-directional hurricanes which go back to her like a boomerang. Maximize your dodge and i-frames when these instances happen.