Dragon Nest M Faction Comfrontation


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May 11, 2015
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Just wanna share my thoughts about the latest in-game event in DNM: Faction Comfrontation (14-days long event; ending on October 11 at 5am; GMT +7).

Each player simply need to choose between two factions. Each faction will compete with each other by collecting points thru individual faction members' points.

Faction Points can be gain thru faction marks (1 mark = 5 points). Faction marks can be obtain daily thru the following:

5 faction cheers (3 free cheers + 2 extra cheers - 10DC and 20DC)
3 nest (2 free entries + 1 extra entry - 50DC)
8 abyss dungeon (6 free entries + 2 extra entries - 50DC)

Total of 16 Faction Marks can be obtain by free-to-play players daily. Total of 80 points per day or 1120 points at the end of event. In any case you dont feel to spend any DC during this event, the maximum points you can gain within the event (from the daily points) are 770 points.

Faction mark can also obtain from Dragon Lair; I'm not yet sure how many Faction Marks can exactly be obtain from here but in my experience, I got 2 from complete ODN Hell run and 1 from GDN 1~4. Assuming you can only obtain 1 mark per full run of each Dragon Lair (ODN and GDN) and there are 5 reset within the event period, you can obtain at least 10 Factions Marks or 50 points at the end of the event. Adding it to 1120 points gained from daily points, that will sum up to 1170 points (or 820 points for non-DC spenders)

With this 820~1170 points bracket, only the 2nd tier rewards (300DC + blue agates) are feasible highest rewards for free-to-play players (additional 100DC + green agates if the faction win in the event and the faction rewards are based on the individual points). All in all, 400DC rewards + agates.

I hope this will help.


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Oct 8, 2018
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