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Aug 12, 2015
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Dragon Nest M Frequently asked questions

Q: Logging and Lagging issues.
A: Operating team will be right on duty daily to resolve the issue in order to create a better gameplay environment. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our management system and feedback the issue to the team ASAP.

Q: Illegal Coins Selling Spammer in world channel.
A: Coins Selling Spammer will be blocked instantly to avoid any losses to our Dragon Nest M user. Please do not hesitate to contact our GM to take action on spammer cases.

Q: Redeem Code problem for IOS
A: We apologize to inform that “Redeem Code Function” is not allowed to be launched in IOS devices due to the policy of APPLE. We’ll like to suggest the IOS user redeem the code via Android device or any Simulator with APK Patch Installed. The Account is synchronized for android and IOS. Feel free to operate your Character in dual-devices.

Q: Can IOS devices recharge via APK patch?
A: IOS is not allowed to make any payment via APK patch. We’ll like to suggest IOS user operate third party recharge via Android devices or any Simulator with APK Patch Installed. Please do keep your id and pw in case of any loss.

Q: Where to use the redeem codes?
A: Redeem code system will be activated in the interface of the event panel when the character level achieved level 15. (Android ONLY)

Q: Do not receive the lottery opportunity after sharing
A: Invitees have to join the pre-login event with the link that inviter sharing with. If the inviter does not receive any lottery opportunity, Please do not hesitate to contact our GM via E-mail.

Q: No redeem code for FB sharing
A: Dear guest, we are running out of stock for the event code. New codes will be added real soon. Stay tuned.

Q: Change Guild name, the leader is offline.
A: Guild name cannot be changed. The Leader Authority will be transferred to the active user if only the leader is being offline for up to 5 days.

Q: Squad Leader Transferred
A: Squad Leader position cannot be transferred to the Squad system. The Squad leader position can only be transferred when the Squad Leader is being offline for up to 5 days.

Q: How to divorce
A: You may look for the NPC “Eros the Little God of Love” to proceed divorce. Free of charges for divorce while your partner is being offline up to 7 days.

Q: Can I delete my character?
A: Dear guest, there is no deleting option currently. We do supporting name changing system in Dragon Nest M. Proceed to profile and there is a name changing the icon in the panel. Free of charge for first time.

Q: Can I have a homosexual marriage?
A: Homosexual marriage is not supported yet so far. You will stay in the relationship even you got your class changed.

Q: Can I change the sex of my class?
A: Dear guest, the sex is fixed for each class in Dragon Nest M, It’s not optional so far.

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