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May 11, 2015
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• What class should I choose?
Dragon Nest M currently have 6 classes (will be seven on 24th of May). Those classes are Warrior, Academic, Sorceress, Cleric, Archer, Assassin and Kali. Choosing your class must be fitted on your style, damage or utility.


◾Warrior - is agile and quick, it relies on fast-paced melee combos. Warrior has strong physical attack and best known for fast and furious melee combos.

◾Academic - is a mid-ranged fighter that uses canon to unleash damage. It specialized in giving minor support to allies, and debilitate enemy movement.

◾Sorceress - uses staff to cast its magic spells. It is best known for it's mid-range skills which deal high magic damage. Sorceress can also inflict a variety of status ailments.

◾Cleric - has the ability to cast protective spells and has light-based magic damage. He can also empower his allies or immobilize his enemies.

◾Assassin - is a melee combat specialist and also best known for it's ability to out-duel any opponent at both mid and close range. He can deal high physical damage that helps a lot in every dungeon raids.

◾Archer - is an expert in markmanship utilizing bow and arrows to eliminate enemies from afar. She's also utilizing her body as a weapon and has a lot of evasive skills to make up for it's lack of defense.

◾Kali - is the seventh class to introduce in Dragon Nest M. She boasts impressive flexibility and nimbleness in combat, which is coupled with her ability to summon spirits from beyond to aid her and her allies.

• How to increase BP(Battle Points/Power)?
Battle point/power is one of the main part of your character that you need to power up. Increase BP will help you finish dungeons easily. Here are some guide on how to increase your character's BP:

◾Wear Gears With Higher Stats or Attributes - gears with higher stats is equal to higher BP. But how will you be able to get gears with higher BP? First, level up your character! As we all know, higher level brings you to higher dungeons which gives you gear sets. Second, craft gears. You'll be able to get class A or S gears, this gears will obviously gives you higher BP than class B or C gears. Finally, equip gears from the same set. Equiping a set of gears will give you MORE BP and additional stats.

◾Enhancing/Breakthrough Gears - we all know how to enhance our gears but, some players don't know that every 5th enhancement of your gear sets, you'll be receiving bonus BP! Agates and crystals are used to enhance your gears.

Green Agate - is sold at the Dragon Coin Market, Diamond Market, Guild Shop and Glory Shop. It is also obtainable through completing daily quest and finishing Dark Temple stages. Green agates are used to enhance your gears from +1 to +20.

Green Crystals - You'll be needing green crystals to breakthrough to +21.

Blue Agate - you can buy blue agates from Dragon Coin Market, Diamond Market and Guild Shop. It is the material that you need to enhance your gears from +22 to +40. You can also use 3 green agates to make 1 blue agate.

Blue crystal - is needed to breakthrough to +41.

Orange Agates - are used to enhance your gears from +42 to +60. These agates can be bought at Dragon Coin Market, Diamond Market and Guild Shop. Also obtainable by combining 3 blue agates.

Orange Crystal - will help you continue enhancing gears by using it to breakthrough from +60 to +61. You can buy this crystal at the Dragon Coin Market, Diamond Market and Guild Shop.

Purple Agate - is obtainable by combining 3 orange agates and used to enhance gears from +62 to +80

Purple Crystal - is used to breakthrough you gear enhancement from +80 to +81.

Red Agate - this agate is used to enhance your gears from +82 to +100(not yet sure what is the max enhancement level). It can be obtained by combining 3 purple agates.

◾Refine Your Gears - refining gears is a great way to increase you BP and the bonus stats of your gears. By using refine stones, you'll be able to boost up your BP and stats(like HP, M or P attack, Vitality, etc). You can get refine stones by completing abyssal dungeon, opening pandora's box, buying it from abyssal shop, squad shop, DC and diamond market, and by salvaging gears. Just keep in mind that, unlike enhancing, refines are not transferable. Make sure that you'll be able to click "return refine" before salvaging your old gears.

◾Get Costume Set - getting costume sets may be most easiest way to increase you BP but may also be the most expensive way. Costume can be bought at Diamond Market and also obtainable by combining other costumes. Like gears, having 3, 5 or 7 pieces set will give you bonus permanent stats and BP.

◾Enchant Def and Atk Stone - Enchanting stones, in your gears, will help you increase your bp and aside from that, thes will give you bonus attributes, esp. Atrribute 4. Under attribute 4 are the elements, these will give you advantages is dragon lair's dungeons.

◾Upgrades - upgrading gears will greatly increase your BP. It'll also give your gears 3rd attributes. This can be expensive but worth it. Take note that, upgrades can only be trasferrable if your replacement gears are in the same class with your current gears (A to A)

◾Feed Your Fairies! - Feeding your fairies will level up them. The higher your fairies' levels are, the higher the BP you get.

◾ Awaken - Awakening fairies will boost up your BP.

◾Ascension - Aside from leveling up your fairy's skill, it will also increase your BP and stats.

◾Wear Heraldries - this is one of the best ways to greatly increase you BP and attributes. Heraldries are obtainable by completing boss rush. Boss rush resets everyday. It is recommended to wear orange heraldries only (much better if it has 3rd stats).

◾Jades - these will help you to rise your BP. With 9 levels, jades can boost your BP and stats. The higher the level, the higher the BP you'll get.

◾Dragon-Wares - are the best way to increase your BP and power up your skills.

◾Album - there are sets of cards that will increase your BP once you get all the needed cards. It'll also increase some of your attributes.

◾ Mount - wearing high-tiered mount will give you high BP.

◾Moniker - Leveling up your moniker will give you bonus stats and BP. But it is not advisable to rush it.

• How To Rank Up in Military Rank?
--> Your Military Rank is based on your contribution. Contribution increases by winning Battle of Heroes matches. Win is equals to 10 contributions, while loses decrease your contributions by 4.

10 Military Ranks:
◾Reservist - 10 to 60 Contributions
◾Soldier - 61 to 100 Contributions
◾Assaultant - 101 to 300 Contributions
◾Lieutenant - 301 to 620 Contributions
◾Captain - 621 to 1050 Contributions
◾Knight - 1051 to 1600 Contributions
◾Guardian - 1601 to 2250 Contributions
◾Fighter - 2251 to 3000 contributions
◾Hero (Rank 5-100) - 3000 Contributions or higher
◾Grand Marshall (Rank 1-4) - 3000 Contributions or higher

*Every rank will give you rewards.*

• What Specialization Should I choose?
I , personally, don't recommend on focusing on one specialization only. Practicing both specializations of your character will help you understand your class more. Aside from that, being a versatile player will also help you finish dungeons easily (esp. Dragon lair), as there are specific specializations that are best for every dungeons. So, if you're having a hard time choosing specialization, why not master both?

• Where can I get Dragon Coins?
Dragon coins are obtainable through selling and salvaging main crafting materials. You can also get it from Military Rank rewards of Battle of Heroes and Ladder Rating Rewards. Not just that, you can also get dragon coins by opening the 4th chest of activity rew and 5th chest of squad's activity rewards, finishing a boss in dragon expedition, first win in Battle of Heroes everyday, first ladder match everyday, opening red envelopes, drop chance in Dragon Soul, opening Pandora's box, ladder rating rewards, bounty team in nests, weekly guild wage, clown poker, banquet, achievement reward, level reward and target reward, weekly sharing reward, sign-in reward, finishing hell mode nests, opening arena nest pack, weekly 10 wins in Battle of Heroes, chance to get in weekly activity chest and daily chest, and through participating in daily events..

*will be adding more*
If you have additional questions or answers to commonly asked questions, I will be glad to add it here. Thank you!

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