Dragon Nest M Giant Nest 10 Stars Tips


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May 11, 2015
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Giant Nest - 10 Stars
Solo Run
IGN: Nanaki
Server: S2 - SEA

There are 3 sub-bosses that you may encounter when you enter GN, but you only have to face 2.

Wraith, the Immoral

Tip: Halfway through the fight, the boss will do a countdown. Attack one of the statues which you can spot on the mini map. This will trigger a protective ward against the poison pool that the boss will unleash.

Branco, the Watcher

Tip: One of the most painful attacks of this sub-boss is the pillar pound. Save your dodge when you see multiple attack range indicators in red. This boss is the easiest among the 3.

Malizi, the Guard

Tip: To evade the big electric balls, stay outside the circle. The balls won’t penetrate the outer circle of the stage. Additionally, keep evading the mini electric strips across the map.

Main Boss: Mahel, the Giant

1. Evading the attacks of this boss from x9 health bar to x7 health bar is fairly easy because of the attack range indicator that appears before the attack.
2. After his first attack, an infective circle will appear. This works like poison and drains your hp bar with a fixed amount. Infective circle reappears after 40 seconds.
3. At x7 health bar, reflect shield will be activated. Do not attack the boss at this time and wait for the shield to disappear before inflicting any damage. Consecration, Icicle Ejection and any summon can pierce through the shield without damage reflect. Use these skills to your advantage.
4. After the reflect shield disappears at x7, the boss will trigger multi-directional rotating laser attack and a directional reverse. Do not panic! On top of these, you would have to eliminate 2 mech bombs before the countdown expires. A good tip is to always stay as far as you can from the approaching laser when you are walking through your circular path. I’ll be uploading a separate video on how to survive this one.
5. At x3, the boss will trigger again the multi-directional laser attack+mech bombs combo.
6. At x3, boss might either perform a circular missile attack that you can evade by standing outside of its range, an attack that looks like spectrum shower EX that you can evade by standing outside of its range or between the inner and outer circular lasers, and a chasing attack that you can evade by running or staying as far as you can from the boss.