Dragon Nest M Green Dragon's Nest Guide


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May 11, 2015
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Green Dragon's Nest Venom Valley Hell Mode

Party Priority:
1 Main Lurer for Heram (Pref with provoke and invulnerable ss)
1 Sub Lurer for Zybell
1 Healer (Cleric or Light Fury)

1. Main lurer will take Heram. First target must be Heram(Blue) because when Zybell(Yellow) HP is reduced to a certain HP, it will trigger its skills/mech.
2. The sub lurer will take Zybell and should make the spider face the other side or wall so that Zybell's skills will not hit other party members.

Heram skills:
Same skill with other spiders on previous dungeon.

Heram x4 HP - Land of Venom (poison circle that appears randomly on the map)

Heram x2 HP - Berserk

Zybell skills:
Rolling Attack
Jump attack with poison
Triple Green Orb/Poison Ball
Poison Wave

Zybell x4 HP - Poisonous Cloud, go to the platforms to avoid instant death. There are 8 platforms but only 6 can be stepped on. (Step only on the platform that is glowing.)

Zybell x2 HP - Tide of Venom (Go near zybell and hide inside the green barrier, before it explosdes main lurer should use its invulnerable skill and just stay near Heram on the other side of the map.)

3. Reduce both spiders hp bar to x0 then kill them together. But if you don't kill them at the same time, there is a 10 second margin to kill the spider before the other one respawns.

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