Dragon Nest M how to link Paymaya to IOS device


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May 11, 2015
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For everyone who's using IOS and would want to top up without a debit/credit card heres a step by step Guide on how to link Paymaya to IOS device.

1. Download Paymaya Apps
2. Fill up information details and follow the instruction on how to activate your paymaya. Mobile number is needed for the application. Takes only 5-10 minutes to activate your paymaya card.
3. Next before you can link paymaya you need to top-up/load your card, you can go to 7 eleven or any other partners such as ECpay , BDO , Palawan Express, etc.
4. Login on your apple id make sure your account is in Philippines otherwise you will get decline. Make sure on the payment details are the same information details you entered from paymaya that is important or else it will get decline.On payment details section you will enter credicard number, cvv2, expiration and some important details which is provided in paymaya.
5. On your IOS device Settings go to iTunes & App Store and sign in your new account id hat is link in paymaya.
6. Open your gaming DN M if it is already open close and restart the apps.

Note: Only works if you're from the philippines