Dragon Nest M Lizardman Habitat Guide


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May 11, 2015
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If you are doing the Hell mode, have one tank the Crowe (Red) and one person tank Tie (one with the helmet). These tankers must be good at dodging. The rest focus on the electric lizard. I recommend at least 3 dps and one priest for the electric.

At the start, do not attack until they will hide and resurface into different position. This is to avoid the assigned DPS hit the wrong lizard.

Kill the electric lizard as fast as you can. You can also have a Force User on your party to use a Mirror when the lizard uses the electric. After the electric is dead, all will focus on hitting Tie. You have 10 seconds to do damage. When it resurrects back, all assigned on the electric lizard will again kill it.

Just repeat the process until Tie and Crowe has both equal health at 1x. Communication is the key to this. Use microphones as much as possible to monitor the health of the lizards.

Good luck.

~Credit sa TS.