Dragon Nest M Manticore 10 Stars Tips


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May 11, 2015
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Almost Impossible: Manticore 10 Stars in 2 minutes!

Nanaki - Abyss Walker
Fdae - Windwalker
Ed*Gene - Majesty
Uwaki - Dark Avenger

Server: S2
Guild: Encore

I thought at first that this achievement is impossible. With the help of Seirin, I realized that the missing link was the WindWalker.


1. At phase 1, all must stand at the portal except for the dark avenger that will kill the last mob.
2. Head to the middle right away at phase 2 and burst the naga to its demise!
3. Phase 3 is the tricky part. Cast AW’s Shadow Incarnation and pair it with Spirit Boost. Have your FU deploy a mirror before the damage burst to take this monster out before it activates its iframe.
4. Have your FU use BT to prepare for the final boss. Use all your ulti to take the beast out.

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