Dragon Nest M Top Up Guide Using Codapay

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May 11, 2015
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Q: How to get wings at low cost? [newbies]Here's a step by step guide on how to get wings at low cost.

1. Load up your sim with PHP 10
2. Log in your DNM account
3. Click on REWARDS
4. Click the ➕ icon beside
5. Choose codapay (Globe/Smart/Sun)
6. Choose PHP 10 and type your mobile #
7. You will receive a 3-digit code from 2800 (Globe) and 5 digit code for smart.
8. Type in the 3 or 5 digit code to complete your purchase
9. Once you received a notification that your payment is successful, please try to relogin.
Note: Some purchases do not appear immediately, to avoid this please restart/relogin asap.
10. Go to rewards and claim your wings.

This applies to all Android users with APK file installed. You just need to load up your sim with exact amount and continue with your purchases.

Common Top up issues
1.I top up on my iOS using credit card but didn't receive the diamonds

A. Payment unsuccessful (Check the status of your order) If the status says Pending, please contact Apple Support.
B. CC was charged: Contact us

2. Unable to top up using Google Play although I have sufficient load
A. Update your billing information on GP.
Go to Accounts>Billing>Update

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