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May 18, 2017
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1:exclusive Engraving System, General Equipment, point of Volume Equipment, Armor, Weapons, Jewelry can be Engraved.

2:refining system, According to the Percentage of Equipment to Improve the property, the Synthesis system, the Decomposition of the city at room to view.

3:equipment Synthesis System, L-level is not the end, Grow Beyond your Imagination, Synthesis can be Deformed.

4:Really do 1000e Damage, break the Restrictions, There is no false Restrictions.

5:Synchronized National Dress UI, New Year new Weather, it is Necessary to look new, open all new old Lair.

6:special Businessman Pania Increase can be Synthesized to Upgrade the Deformation of the Clothing Weapons and Three-piece Suit.

7:Unique Silver, gold, Diamond VIP Exclusive Buff, Exclusive title, all free Access, Small Difficulty (attribute bt).

8:Open National Dress all new old Lair, Intelligent ai, Original Chaos, all Kinds of Super Nest.

9:eek:n the line 93, the Perfect Burst rate, Welfare, Brush Map Party, PK.

10:please Check out our Novice Tutorial. We launch ·

Engraving system, refining system, all costumes, rune, can be upgraded properties, the Player's attack maximum 100 billion attacks.

Costume, weapon and equipment are upgradable up to +40. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------