Dragon Nest Mobile Beginners' Guide: How to Level Up Fast


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Aug 12, 2015
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In the beginning phase the two major ways to level up will be through the main quests and completing the dungeons. There will be tutorials given for the first few dungeons which allow you to familiarize the game. Upon reaching level 6, auto combat feature will be unlocked to minimize the grinding process needed in the game. Do take note that auto combat feature does not dodge nor uses skills for you.

Entering normal mode dungeon costs 6 stamina while abyss mode dungeon costs 12 stamina. Abyss mode is unlocked when players reached level 12. Although the experience gain in abyss mode is doubled, players, especially those who have lower combat power, are advised not to tackle the dungeon by themselves. Instead, players are advised to party up to tackle abyss mode together.

Upon reaching level 14, players will unlock the guild feature. Finding a strong and active guild is recommended as players that are level 30 or above are able to award great amount of experience to players that are 20 or above. Forming parties within a guild also allows players to enjoy the guild buffs.

Daily quests will be unlocked at level 17 and completing daily quests rewards players with massive amount of experience. Players are able to request for assistance 3 times per day from other players if they are unable to complete the daily quest themselves. Completing the daily quest 6 times gives additional gold and experience while completing all 10 of the daily quest gives bonus rewards.

Mounts will be unlocked when players reached level 21. This increases the speed of players which save large amount of time in travelling. Farms will be unlocked at level 22 but since our main focus of this guide is in levelling up, we shall let players who have reached the required level to explore the farm system on their own.

Not to forget, at level 27, random abyss mode dungeons with entry limits of 3 per day will be available for players to tackle. It is strongly advised to party up before tackling these dungeons as the bosses in the dungeon are insanely strong. However do not worry about failing the dungeon since it does not deduct stamina nor reduces the daily entry limit.

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