Dragon Nest Mobile Beginner's Guide: Should You Choose 3D or 2.5 View?


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Aug 12, 2015
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In Dragon Nest Mobile, it not only retains the 3D non-targeting gameplay like its PC counterpart but also provides an additional 2.5D tab-target control mode as an alternative option for players who are not used to the 3D gameplay. Below, we will be comparing the 2 types of gameplay.

2.5D view is recommended to players who may encounter 3D motion sickness and those fight in large scale battle such as the Nests. Nests generally have a wider area for players to battle in which means 2.5D view will allow players to view the entire area comfortably, watching out for boss skills and dodging them safely. However, the disadvantage of selecting 2.5D view is whereby the camera view will be zoomed in closely when characters are in narrow areas. Players will not be able to view their party members as well as the boss in this situation. Thus, it is recommended to only select 2.5D mode under wide area combats rather than in narrow ones.

The 3D non-targeting gameplay is similar to its PC version and is most recommended in 1v1 PVP battle due to its free camera view features. Players are able to view the skills of their opponent easily to perform counter attacks. Camera views can be adjusted to players’ preference at ease. However, the disadvantage of using 3D gameplay will be that range classes such as archers and sorceress tend to break of their point of view easily when using 3D gameplay. 3D gameplay tends to favor more on close combat classes.

3D customizable view provides players with the ability to fully customize their most suited view if they are not used to the 3D default settings. Players are able to experiment and test their best 3D views by dragging the bar to their desired point. Thus, 3D customizable view could be the best option for players who dislikes both the 2.5D and 3D default view.

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