Dragon Nest Mobile Beginner's Guide: Skill System


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Aug 12, 2015
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In Dragon Nest Mobile, there are 4 types of skills: active skills, survival skills, buff skills and special skills. Active skills are generally knowns as damaging skills, buff skills provide buffs to allies, survival skills are mostly evasion or aerial evasion skills, and last but not least special skills are like ultimate skills that deal high AoE damage.

Active skills are the main source of damage in Dragon Nest Mobile. Using these skills consumes MP (magic points) and incurs a cooldown of that particular skill which means that players will not be able to repeatedly using these skills. Some skills come with additional skill effect upon casting. For example, sorceress fireball inflicts burning on enemies causing damage over time while freezing sword inflicts freezing debuff upon casting. Flame road is one of sorceress unique skill which allows them to move around and damage enemies during the cast time. Players are only allowed to equip 5 primary skills at any one time thus a good combination of skillset is the key to achieving high damage output.

Survival skills consist of skills that allows player to dodge incoming attacks or to immediately recover from abnormal status. These skills do not consume MP but similar to active skills, there is a cooldown. However, some of the survival skills have prerequisite before they are able to be activated. For example, sorceress escape can only be activated once players are under attack while aerial evasion can only be activated once players are launched into the air by an enemy attack to re-position yourself. A timely use of survival skills prevents enemy to chain attack which can sometimes cost great damage to you. There are also certain survival skills which allow players to not only avoid attacks but also damage enemy at the same time ensuring maximization of damage output. Survival skills do not need to be equipped and can be activated anytime so long the prerequisites are met.

Buff skills can be either self-buff or party buff and it does not consume any MP. These skills have are durational buffs and cooldown are imposed upon casting. Common buffing skills include increasing attack, defense or even movement speed and attack speed buffs. Buffing skills are normally used during the start of the dungeon runs and reactivated whenever the duration ends. Players are able to equip themselves with 2 buffing skills at any one time. With a good combination of buffing skills, it will ensure players to complete dungeons with better ease.

Each class has their very own special or ultimate skill. Ultimate has the highest burst damage of all skills but it comes with high amount of MP consumption and high cooldown. Most of the ultimate restricts movement when casting and so it is recommended to only cast in a safe environment to ensure maximization of damage output and your own safety. Players are able to equip 1 ultimate at any one time.

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