Dragon Nest Mobile Guide: Equipment and Enhancement


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Aug 12, 2015
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Equipment in Dragon Nest Mobile has 4 different rates: C, B, A, and S. Among the 4, C-rated equipment has the lowest stats but is also the easiest to acquire in the game. It can be acquired simply from normal dungeons. B-rated equipment has higher stats than C-rated but with a higher amount of difficulty to acquire them. Accessories can be obtained directly from abyss difficulty dungeons while weapons and armors have to be combined by collecting the respective fragments in abyss dungeons. A -rated equipment is much stronger than B-rated but difficult to acquire. A-rated Abyss equipment can be obtained by exchanging abyss medals, dropped in high level abyss dungeons. A-rated Nest equipment can be crafted by collecting the necessary materials obtained from the Nest. For S-rated equipment, the only way to obtain them right now is through crafting using materials from the Sea Dragon Nest. S-rated equipment has the best stats and it naturally means they are the most difficult to obtain.

Equipment can be strengthened via enhancement, inserting dragon jade (龙玉) or enchanting to increase the power. Equipment enhancement required agate (玛瑙) and different enhancement requires different amount of agate. For example enhancement level of 20 and below requires 2 agates, 20 to 40 requires 2 blue agates and 40 to 60 requires 2 orange agates. Whenever equipment reaches enhancement level 20, 40 and 60, it requires green, blue and orange crystalline respectively to up tier before players are able to continue enhancing. In addition, different level of equipment has different maximum enhancement level. Equipment enhancement is one of the key ways to increase players’ combat power.

Other than equipment enhancement, equipment can also be slotted with dragon jades which provide additional stats to the equipment. Currently, there are 7 types of bonus stats that can be found in dragon jades. They are strength, agility, intelligence, vitality, magical damage, physical damage and critical chance. Headgear, upper body, lower body, gloves and footwear can be slotted with only strength, agility, intelligence, vitality dragon jades while accessories, main weapon and secondary weapon can only be slotted with magical & physical damage and critical chance. Players are recommended to slot their dragon jade according to their job’s primary stats to maximize their damage output.

Lastly, enchanting consumes enchanting gems (附魔宝石). Similarly to enhancement, different level of equipment requires different level of enchanting gems. In addition, different parts of equipment will obtain different results from enchanting. Players can simply re-enchant if they don't like the new stats from the previous enchanting.

In Dragon Nest Mobile, players do not have to fear that resources will be wasted when enhancing the equipment. They can transfer the enhancement level, dragon jades and enchantment from the old equipment to a new one for free. Thus, players can safely enhance their equipment without worrying about their equipment being obsolete

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