Dragon Nest Mobile is here!! OBT Release | Pre-login Rewards


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Apr 25, 2018
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How to Install:

1.) Choose which platform you are using, APPSTORE FOR IOS USER /GOOGLE PLAY FOR ANDROID.
Note: download APK is for moluser or smart/globe user who wants to topup via molpoint or eloads.

2.) Install after download, and make sure you have free space atleast 1.5G for the game data.
Note: dont interrupt the data downloading , it may cause damage or bugs in the game. Better finish it,

3.) The after downloading all the data login or register , then select server, next select your desire character.
Enjoy gaming!

How to claim rewards?

Para po ito sa mga players na naghahanap ng rewards sa DRAGON NEST M. Follow nalang po ng instructions sa baba.

Step 1. Click this LINK
Step 2. Look for the image above.
Step 3. Click on Facebook then login your account.
Step 4. Choose the type of device you are using.
Step 5. Input your phone number (it should start with 63 ex. 639123456789)
Step 6. Click Log in.
Step 7. Click on Reward Inquiry to see the code you have created.
Step 8. Copy the code and redeem it at the Events tab in the game.

Sa mga may tanong. Feel free to ask po. Good day!

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