Dragon Quest Champions will officially launch on June 13, Pre-registrations still on-going

In a recent announcement, Square Enix stated that Dragon Quest Champions will now launch on June 13 rather than in a few weeks. The game's latest brief trailer, which showcases 30 seconds of gameplay and its features, including globe exploration and fighting as you progress to become the ultimate champion, was also made available. Through the game's official website, players can still pre-register for the game right now.


What is Dragon Quest Champions?​

Dragon Quest Champions is a fresh spin on the series' traditional turn-based combat, but instead of embarking on a big adventure, players are thrown into a massive tournament with 50 other players engaging in simultaneous real-time combat!




Players are thrown into a large map with other players and creatures to battle in the game's tournament mode. As you engage in combat, you can choose from the fundamental commands of attacking, guarding, skill, and times. As you succeed, your characters gain stronger, increasing your chances of victory. Up to 50 players can engage in combat, either 1v1 with their teams of 3 or by grouping up against one person by colliding with them during combat! Fair or unjust combat, use any means required to claw your way to the top!




Along with the enormous tournament mode, the game's single-player Story mode offers players a number of objectives to do in order to level up their characters, acquire new gear, and prepare them for tournament mode.

Dragon Quest Champions Release Date Trailer​