Dragon Raja EX - Mobile RPG Based On A Famous Korean Novel Announced For 2021 iOS Android 

You might be thinking of the same thing that struck my mind the first time I saw the news - "Does this have any link with the existing Dragon Raja in the store?". Straight forward answer, NO. What we're talking about is based on Lee Yeongdo's Korean novel, Dragon Raja. NESM announced the development of their new game, Dragon Raja EX, which is set to be released in the first half of 2021.

Again, it has nothing to do with the cyberpunk-themed Dragon Raja made by Archosaur Games. NESM's creations were different from Archosaur's storage-eating games. If you haven't heard of NESM, they're known for reviving and porting old classic shooting games into mobile. If you look at their library, you'll find Strikers and Gunbird games.

Going back to our new game, according to the game's description, Dragon Raja EX is an RPG with a hint of gacha due to the word "collection". Players will form a team of 5 and you'll also be to use the breeding system to make your dragons and souls grow. The game offers different game modes such as idle battling. Sounds vague and fitted for casual gaming, right?

NESM acquired the rights to publish the game and made a contract with the developer, EX4GAMES. It's my first time seeing EX4GAMES in the industry so they might have some surprise for us. The outcome of Dragon Raja EX will dictate our initial impression of their performance. We'll be looking forward to that.

There are no further details given about the game. Based on this last image, I can see a good character designing already. That's a good sign. Well, there's not much anything else to say so let's head to proper credits. The images and content are properties of NESM, but I'd like to give special thanks to QooApp as the source.

If you're still here, then why not take your time and join us in our Dragon Raja EX discussion too!​

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