Dragon Raja SEA: First Impression and Tips for Beginners

The long is over for all of us who are getting hyped about one of the most visually stunning games on the mobile platform today. Archosaur Games yesterday successfully launch the SEA version of Dragon Raja and as expected, it quickly climbs the top spot of free games in Google Play particularly in Singapore and Thailand.

Its Unreal Engine 4 is actually the prevailing denominator that attracts the major of SEA players which further become an eye candy with its own unique aesthetic that blends anime and Kpop fashion to the degree that easily can win the hearts of many whatever their gender preference might be. It seems the developer put a great deal of effort into giving you the total freedom in Dragon Raja to make your avatar looks cool or cute at the same time. The customization is essentially endless and at some paint can give you the feeling that you are playing dress-a-doll with so many wardrobes and accessories to choose from.

And on top of that, the animation and scenic environment are so enjoyable from the Cassel College futuristic buildings down to dungeons that you can raid, all of them are purely eye candy. The almost 3GB resources are actually worth it.

But aside from graphics, Dragon Raja set another bar high for other upcoming mobile MMORPG with its numerous features that really keeps you quiet busy other than just grinding way and following its main storyline. Upon hitting level 20, daily events will be open for you to experience tons of "extra-curricular" activities that give you a lot of rewards (XP, Gems, Materials, and Equipment) upon finishing. Of course, there are the usual Dungeon Raids like Dragon Hunt but aside from it, all the events are entirely new such as the Drag Racing event and the Club oriented cross-server Day of Liberty which is somehow a modified Battle Royale of players. All of these events have various schedules so you will not be clumped with the same activity over and over again.

And to keep it so immersive, you can even strive to have a stronger bond with interesting NPC in the game wherein once your relationship with them increases its level, you will also receive generous rewards. The way you actually interact with them matters that your dialogue decision can provide additional bonuses to your character. Its quite a genius feature which I think I only saw from a very few MMORPG in mobile and more on the console-based RPG.

It's easy to say that Dragon Raja manages to create a strong buzz now in the gaming community but it's too early to conclude that it can dethrone the current heavyweight titles like Black Desert. It does still have some re-occurring problems on the server queue and even with a phone with a good spec, sometimes the game becomes laggy even if the current surrounding is not jam-packed with players. For now, Dragon Raja will be among the MMORPG that we should watch out for if it can keep up the hype (it has a good rating as of the moment in Google Play) in the long run.

And as promised, here are some tips that you might want to try to optimize your gaming experience of Dragon Raja:

Play At Your Own Pace

Don't be too stressed out in leveling up. Enjoy the process and even the story itself. Following the main storyline can you give enough XPs and bonuses early on so take it easy.

Use Diamonds for Style or Strengthening

Diamond is a bit scarce resource as you go along the game. Try not to spend until you are empty of it. For fashionista, Diamonds are used to color your accessories and become unique. But for those who want to keep their avatars strong with additional buff and skills, spend your Diamond for your gems your Core. Many veteran players suggest to level up your gems to make your character optimize especially for PVP.

Play With Friends For Faster Level Up

Dragon Raja encourages players to play with others as each event and activity cam boost your XP more when you have a squad to go hunting and raiding with you. Plus its more fun when you are not always in solo.

Use CDKey For More Bonuses

Go to Settings. Click Basic then Bonus and go to CDkey. Type the pre-registration code AGMJPBD to redeem cool stuff. If you need some Polishing Dye for your wardrobe, use the key AJQKBLQ.

You can use these keycodes only once so be warned. I also found an updated list of CDKey that you can try for reference at the mrguider website.
  • AGMJPBD(May 27, SEA Version) - pre-registration rewards
  • FCVTGKN(Discovered on May 11) - gift pack, gold, direction genes, evolution genes, and special nutrients
  • EFWLNDD - gift pack
  • EKCPHMG - exclusive unique gift packs
  • EJRWWVR - Dye Gift pack
  • EHHSEWX - motor gift pack
  • ELPJUYJ - Dye gift pack
  • ENZQUST - motor present pack
  • EMVVJAU - dye gift pack
  • EPRGSDA - Enhance Gift pack
  • ESWUGTF - pet gift pack.
  • EWRCUXV(Expired)
More XP

You can gain more XP by joining a club. There are only events that offer tons of XP only for Club members so take your time looking for an active Club at Dragon Raja. Also, go to EVA Training Center every day to get additional XP even if you finished all your dailies.