Dragonica Returns In Mobile Platform As Gacha Idle Game

The 2010 3D side-scrolling MMORPG from Gravity Interactive is now having a brand new spin-off for Android and iOs called Idle Dragonica and recently its closed beta was launched in China. It should be noted that last 2016, Playpark managed to launch a mobile version of Dragonica called Dragonica Mobile which is a pure MMORPG game like its PC counterpart. However, due to poor performance, all its servers were closed in 2017.

Now under the team of developers from The Dream who co-developed the popular mobile MMORPG Ragnarok: Eternal Love, Idle game version of Dragonica combines element of a regular RPG as players can choose among the different starting classes in the game while trying to build their beast team through a gacha system that enables them to use other characters and monsters from the game. Your starting class can become stronger through class advancement and will be a permanent part of the team you build. Unlike other idle games, the viewing mode in Idle Dragonica is on a horizontal perspective which makes it as if you are playing the original side-scrolling Dragonica.

No date was announced yet if there is a possibility that Idle Dragonica will be released in English version but we are crossing our fingers that the developers will give some thought about it.


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