Dreams: A game where you can make dreams, a reality!

Have you ever imagined or dreamed to be a game developer, creating games and publishing them as you share your stories and experiences for the world to know and play it too? Well, you are in luck as the latest game release by Media Molecule is about to blow your heads off, figuratively speaking, of course. So get your brain blast on and let's talk about Dreams!

Dreams is a PS4 exclusive game made by Media Molecule, these guys also developed LittleBigPlanet which is also known to have the same format with Dreams, but with dreams, it has been bigger. Think of a game genre in any platform that you have in mind. There is a huge possibility that you can do it or somebody has already made a game like that in Dreams. For example, here is a video that shows 1000 "creations" that have already been made in Dreams.

Back to the introduction, Dreams allows players to create user-generated content such as music, art, anything in imagination even to create your own work which can be games, animation, music, art, and more. These can be "remixed" or edited by different players if you do allow them so. The game has 4 modes that you can go and see what it has to offer. These are Dream Surfing, Dream Shaping, Homespace Editor, Community Jam. Let's explain them one by one.

Dream Surfing

This acts like the main library of the game. You can select a game to play, art to peruse or music to listen to. The main campaign "Art's Dream" is also found here. Which has a good plot on its own in a 2-3 hour length. You can rate other dreams by leaving a thumbs up or commenting on them. Each player in the game are called "dreamers" and each time you surf, these creations are made by them, so always think before you click, okay? If you want to go wild, just try "Autosurf" where you can randomly check on a dream.

Dream Shaping

Instead of playing, why not try to create them. This mode is where you unleash your imagination and create dreams of your own. Tinker around with the tools that they have and create various things such as art, music and other assets that you can incorporate in the game you like to make. Imagination is your limit in this game. You can also allow it to be remixed, meaning you can make the game editable so other dreamers can tinker in the game and make it better or their own rendition.

Homespace Editor

This is where all imagination runs wild, whilst you can make your own Homespace as long as you can away from the main central one. A lot of players can just use this space to imagine everything that they want in a limited way. It is like a playground for those who wish to learn more with other dreamers there. It is a central hub after all.

Community Jam

Dreams lives with 3 words, Dream, Play, Share. It means there will be times where community jams will be a thing. It is a contest where a certain themes will be run and dreamers can create content regarding the selected theme. Winners and runner-ups in the jam will receive badges to prove their creativity prowess. The theme changes each few weeks so if you feel competitive or you just want to share what you have in mind. You can participate here and test it out!


This game is more like a game creator than a game itself. But that is a good thing. Gamers have been wanting to create a game for a long while and the game engines are too steep for them to enter on their own, some are willing to try out an engine or two but might get tired because of the learning curve they have to face to make one game. In Dreams however, it is simplified enough that you can make one today. Why not try Dreams today? It might have been released a few days ago, but expect a huge amount of content coming soon! Dream away, dreamers!