DTI Summoned A Local Game Store For Cancelling PS5 Pre-Order And Possible Overpricing Conspiracy PlayStation 

Scalpers and overpricing issues aren't new to us anymore. When the first wave of PS5 units was announced, we all knew that these issues will arise just like in the old times. Yes, we've seen them in every gaming news corner every week after that pre-order mayhem. And, despite being a small country, the Philippine gaming community is no exception to this kind of absurd and disgusting way of acquiring new consoles.

Before the month of January 2021 ended, a Reddit post containing a DTI Notice letter surfaced on the internet. To be exact, the notice was directly pointed at GAMEXTREME PH, a local video game store. This case might sound familiar to those who are used to buying the latest tech stuff from online stores. But, let me clarify first before anything else that it's just a summon notice from DTI and there's no clear info yet what really took place in this certain transaction.

Image From The Original Reddit Post of u/decadentrebel
This is the uploaded screenshot of DTI's official summon notice to GameXtreme. But, what's the context of this complaint? Well, according to the Reddit thread title itself, it seems that there's a conspiracy between Zeebee Manila and GameXtreme in selling overprice PS5 units. Zeebee Manila is a local tech reseller, but mostly known for consoles. They already have mixed reviews from our very own local gaming community due to previous complaints of overpriced consoles such as Nintendo Switch.

The name of the complainant remained anonymous and erased from the posted image. The source of the image is still not fully identified so do take note of one thing - everything that you're seeing right now is not fully confirmed.

Now, remember that GameXtreme is the authorized retailer and Zeebee Manila is a reseller. This means that GameXtreme's PS5 receipts will guarantee a warranty. As for Zeebee Manila, it's somehow confusing how they're issuing their warranty and replacement. This just means that they have a good amount of stock of units somewhere! If the images above didn't surprise you yet, then maybe you'll get blown by their overpriced units.

The PHP 20,000 markup from the original price wasn't really the issue here and Zeebee Manila isn't the one being summoned. And the notice isn't tying Zeebee Manila with GameXtreme at any point at all. But, they're being tied up by the community with a, somehow convincing, theory. There's a rumor that Zeebee posted an image of a warehouse where their mysterious supply of units came from which might have linked them to GameXtreme.

The community is trying to connect the dots by thinking of the possibility that Zeebee's overpriced PS5 units, their mysteriously convenient warranty, and replacement, is due to their link with GameXtreme. I don't want to think badly about it, but from the outside look of it, Zeebee's at the edge of being a scalper if they're not already one yet.

Again, the theory isn't confirmed at all and GameXtreme hasn't given any statement yet. But, the summon notice looks legitimate and there are a lot of other complainants popping out in different places making the allegations against GameXtreme's cancellation of pre-orders true. If the theory is true, then this is a serious issue. Before we end this, I'd like to give special thanks to onemoregame for the detailed sources!

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