DynaStones - South Korea's New MOBA Will Begin Its Frontier Test This Coming December iOS Android 

A new Korean developer might be creating a new competitor in the world of mobile MOBA. Shine Games is making some noise recently as they prepare their creation for its "Frontier Test" this December 4th. DynaStones, a new MOBA game with vague elements of battle royale, will get tested by Korean players soon. For now, the game is exclusive but it's almost a guarantee that it will be released worldwide. I'll explain it later, but let's talk about the game.


As I have said earlier, it's definitely a MOBA game since that's how it was described by the developers. But, if you'll watch the trailer and look closely at how the gameplay works, it seems that you'll play as a team against other more teams on the map. Usually, when we talk about the MOBA genre, what we can easily think of is a 5v5 or 3v3 gameplay with two sets of teams only. But this one has 10 teams of 3 players and they'll battle for survival.

In the middle of the map, there's this huge beast that looks like a lion that might be a counterpart of Lord (ML) or Baron (Wild Rift). I don't know whether that thing will define the winning conditions or not. It looks quite awesome tho. The design definitely looks rough and needs more polishing. Well, we'll see it when it hits the Frontier Test.


What exactly is this Frontier Test? It's just another term for testing stages such as Alpha and Beta. There's nothing big about it. Or is there? Nah, I'm just kidding. It's just a simple test from December 4th to December 11th. They'll receive feedbacks and they'll go back to do their jobs in improving the game. Now, you might be thinking whether it's worth your skills and effort to try this game? Take a look at these fabulous prizes.


Those ain't your ordinary in-game gems or 5* characters. Those are REAL RTX 3080 and Nintendo Switch! If there's anything special about this test, this is it! Participants of the test will have the chance to win one of these awesome prizes just by answering the given questionnaire after the test period. They'll draw the winners and announce them on December 18th. Anyone who's lucky enough to get their hands on either the 1st or 2nd prize might celebrate their Christmas earlier than expected.


As for the information regarding the possibility of its global release, Shine Games has an ambition for their creation. They just got huge investments recently from Laguna Investment and YG Investment. Their dream is to create a game worthy of an Esport event. Shine Games is relatively young as it was founded only last year, 2019. They gave themselves the title of an "Esports mobile" company and this game might be their first proof. So, if they're aiming for that Esport level, then they're definitely planning to give everyone a chance to play this game in the future.


I see that you've made it all the way here. If you have what it takes to translate the Korean characters on your mind and play the game using a VPN, then the only help I can give are the links you'll need. But first, I'm giving thanks and the credits to Shine Games for the images, videos, and content that I've used. We're wishing you good luck and may we find your game in our local play stores soon.
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