Dynasty Legends Launching TODAY!

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Jul 11, 2017
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Hot! Dynasty Legends Launched!

The Best Three-Kingdom Game Ever Burns This Summer Already!

Good news for all big fans of the three kingdoms game! The brand new and long-awaited ARPG game Dynasty Legends has already gone live TODAY! Forged with top quality that can compare with the client game, Dynasty Legends will absolutely bring you a unique experience out of the ordinary. No more wait! Come and play:

>Powerful skills: Taking advantage of the advanced real motion capture technology, each hero has his own special skills. The dazzling Combos let you experience the cool feeling of slaying the enemies in a sec.

>Collect Heroes: Return to the world of the three kingdoms as the descendant of one of the heroes, and you can recruit numerous legendary heroes via the fierce battles. Form your own team and strive for becoming one of the strongest warlords!

>Legendary Weapons: Forge the legendary weapons and magical armors. Beauty loves hero, hero loves weapons! Find your own coolest weapon here.

>Strategy: You will enter the dungeon in a team of three members. Deploy the heroes wisely and then you can handle all kinds of battles.

The various classic elements of fun are all in Dynasty Legends! Not enough? Here are some more features exposed:

Visual effect: Gorgeous beyond challenge

Developed by the best engine, this game presents a vast battlefield of the three kingdoms with multiple characters fighting together. The clearer and sharper image allows you not to miss a single fast action. And the beautiful scenes give you a more immersive viewing experience.

Battle mode: As intense as FTG

Kill your enemies like mowing grass on your mobile phone! The fast speed, powerful skill effect and successive combos bring you back to the era of bloody warfare. And build your own perfect team. Join your friends in this brand new 9v9 war against the real human opponents. The fighting is extremely intense!

Double-hand operation: Move at your own will

Operate with your two hands. Wipe out enemies with only one hit, or evade and counterattack if your opponent is too powerful. Move forward, or turn back all with your fingers! You can easily switch between attack and defense at will!

Moreover, there are a lot of gifts, diamonds and legendary cards waiting for you! Heroes, are you ready to start off for your new adventure and strive for your great ambition in this fierce battle world beyond imagination? Come on and feel the thrill of the battlefield now!

Download: https://go.onelink.me/iv4n?pid=EnglishPR

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DynastyLegendsRPG/

Official Website: https://sgzh.enjoygame.com/en/