Dynasty Warriors 9 Confirmed For PS4, Xbox One, And PC PC PS4 XBox One 

Dynasty Warriors 9 has been confirmed on which platform to play on the upcoming open world announced by Koei Tecmo. We had previously known that it will launch on PlayStation 4, but today the studio revealed that the game will also see a release on Xbox One and PC via Steam. Dynasty Warriors 9 is the latest mainline installment in the long-running action series. While it still retains the large-scale battles and hack-and-slash combat the series is known for, the game diverges from past installments in some dramatic ways, most notably in its level design.

In addition to its open world, Dynasty Warriors 9 introduces new gameplay and combat mechanics to the series. A new combo system allows players to chain together attacks that adapt to the enemy's state before devastating them with a decisive Finish Attack. The game also boasts a context-sensitive Interactive Action system that lets players interact with the world around them.

source via Koei

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