E Palarong Pambansa Issues, Valorant Black Market Bundle vs Counter Strike, Playstation Handheld, Arcane S2, LoL Drama Series, Fnaf and Minecraft

In our recent gaming podcast Filipino gamers discusses the upcoming E Palarong Pambansa which has issues and possible corruption, Valorant Black Market Bundle Counter Strike Skins, PlayStation handheld, Arcane Season 2, LoL Drama Show, Five Nights at Freddy’s and Minecraft Movie.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

After a long wait, we finally have the release window for the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. But before that is anyone familiar with FNAF? Never played it but watched a bunch of game theories videos. I mentioned the long wait because around 2015 warner movies got the rights for the video game movie adaptation. Then in 2017 production was changed to Blumhouse known for the recent horror movie M3GAN.

According to polygon news website the story will be inspired to the video game (which it should). Basically, a security guard must survive on the restaurant with murderous animatronic animals. Is there a same concept restaurant in PH? Then for the release date, posted on the Instagram of Blumhouse they premiere on October 27, 2023 abasically before Halloween.

Minecraft Movie

For the next movie update, the Minecraft movie finally has a release date. According to the report, Warner Brothers will release the movie on April 24, 2025. Currently, the only listed cast member is Jason Momoa so based on that what type of movie do you think this is? Reportedly he will voice the main protagonist, so it sounds like an animated movie.

RE Death Island

If you like Resident Evil there is a new movie coming up, It's not a live-action or the garbage Netflix adaptation. It will be a CGI movie and a sequel to Resident Evil: Vendetta. So far the characters confirmed are Leon, Jill, Claire, and Cris Redfield, plus a new BSAA female named Rebeca, no word for Ada Wong (pretty sure shes there).

Plotwise it seems like the story will take place on the prison island Alcatraz with zombies. Resident Evil Death Island will come out on July 7, 2023. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will be distributing it worldwide.

Arcane S2

In a recent interview posted on Bilibili (Chinese youtube), Riot Games' ceo confirmed that Season 2 for Arcane wont be released this 2023. Has anyone watched Season 1? Apparently, the success of season 1 was a surprise internally. Even with the delay good news though coz they at least have until Season 2 episode 3 already, the ceo watched it. Also, the main reason for the delays are the following according to the Riot games CEO "One, you want the quality, you just don’t wanna rush, and so that takes time. So that’s the good reason.” basically, they want it to be good.

LoL Drama Series

And if you can get enough of LoL-based shows there's more, because apparently, a new drama series is in the works. The new Lol Drama series will be based on the Chinese LPL scene, so its really a drama. But some key points it will be directed by a martial arts directors who has directed films such as The House of Flying Daggers if anyone familiar. So whats the show about though or any other info, According to a press release, the show will have 40 episodes, each running for 45 minutes.

The shows plit will center around Bai Yang, who “soul swapped” with an esports star, Ma Da, of whom he is a fan. The show appears to be targeted toward League’s Chinese player base directly, like The King’s Avatar.

PlayStation Handheld

According to the Verge Sony might be preparing for a new Playstation handheld. Did anyone owned a PSP or PSP Vita? How about the Xperia Play from Sony Ericsson. The new device is code named Q-Lite with a speculated price of 200usd, sounds cheap right? Also according to Tom Henderson the handheld looks like a PS5 controller with 8 inch LCD.

But before we get excited the new PlayStation handheld is actually disappointing. First let's backtrack the reason for the low price is first they want it to be an accessory instead of viewing it as a console. But to kill the hype its a cloud-based handheld device, like google stadia remember what happened to it.

Cloud-based tech doesn work in the Philippines, even if it does you need a good local network. PS5 connected directly to the router via lan then a router with 5GHZ ateast and no walls for it to work on my perspective. I experimented on this setup many times even with the nvidia shield days. TLDR hype gone if only its a propper handheld doesnt have to be powerful.

Valorant Black Market Bundle

There seems to be a new argument o the internet, basically, CSGO vs Valorant is reignited. So why is this happening? Any clues? Valorant recently released new sets of skins called the Black Market bundle. The skins apparently look like Counter-Strike default skin: Vandal looks exactly like the AK-47,Bulldog skin is reminiscent of the FAMAS and the pistol’s design is inspired by the Glock-18.

So people are suggesting they copied counters strike? What about CrossFire according to FB users. However, do note Counter Strike never invented how these weapons. Just a history, most of the firearms in Counter-Strike were renamed possibly due to legal/licensing issues. In short, they are inspired by the real counterpart which alot of game devs do this.

Not sure what the debate but what has been said online? Some users suggest Valorant is scared for the CS2 announcement. I disagree coz its more likely capitalizing.

One pro user Tarik mention on live stream its similar. Others are probably trolling with remarks like cs weapons on valorant etc. but what do you think? Those are just our thoughts and opinions but what does the audience think?

E Palarong Pambansa

And for our final topics are guys aware that there will be a video game version of Palarong Pambasa. Its called E Palarong Pampbansa, So creative right? There was actually a voting of the games which is a controversy itself. Allegedly Hijacked by Bots Its claimed that Vietnam sock puppet accounts are doing so To the point that the initial poll was canceled.

But even with that incident, the have a list of video games to share: So 2 games for PC: Valorant and League of Legends; 3 for Mobile: Mobile Legends, LoL Wild Rift, and CoD Mobile. What do you think of this list?

And what happened to the poll? Well seems like they gave up and used another method, here is the explanation "Our team carefully considered popularity, accessibility, player base, and platform compatibility when selecting these games. These games offer a diverse range of gameplay experiences for a wide audience".

E Palarong Pambansa hasnt started but seems like there are a bunch of issues already Do you guys agree with the list let us know!


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