E3 2019 Roundup! Daming Bago!

The Electronic Entertainment expo or e3 just finished, since there had be so many game announcement we will be changing the format for this episode. Note we will not cover all the games and they are not in order, instead we will be give you a recap and highlights of the expo

Blair Witch

  • remember blair witch? the found footage movie which scared the shit of people because they thought it was true
  • well on E3 they announced a Blair Witch video game
  • the game is developed by Bloober the developer of Layers of Fear
  • based from the trailer it will be a first person survival horror game
  • its expected to release this Aug 30 for PC and Xbox

Crossfire X

  • The famous FPS for comshop will have a new adaptation called Crossfire X
  • the game is being developed by the original crossfire developer in south korea
  • and will come first on Xbox in 2020
  • according to the reports the game will have a single player campaign


  • Square Enix revealed a new game called Outriders
  • a mysterious sci fi game with 1 to 3 players
  • based from the reports it will be a drop in drop out co op shooter set in a dark and desperate universe
  • the game is expected to release on 2020

Gods and Monster

  • Ubisoft is doing a breath of the wild type game called Gods and Monsters
  • the game is being developed by the same team that created Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  • so similar to that game its based on greek mythology
  • the game is expected to release for all platforms including google stadia on Feb 25

Tales of Arise

  • A new tales game is coming called Tales of Arise
  • the game is a JRPG set in the neighboring planets Dahna and Rena
  • if you compare this with other Tales game, Tales of Arise is the most visually striking
  • there is currently no release date so will have to wait for an announcement

Rainbow Six Quarantine

  • A new entry from the Tom Clancy series called Rainbow Six Quarantine has been announced
  • the game is set several years in the future after an unknown alien parasite has been unleashed
  • so this time the Rainbow operators must drop into quarantine zones and the game will be a 3 player co op
  • the game release is on early 2020

Starwars Fallen Order

  • EA and Respawn showed additional gameplay details for the star wars fallen order
  • based from the gameplay its more like souls game or sekiro
  • as there are alot of wall running, platforming, force and combat
  • the game will release this nov 15

Baldur's Gate 3

  • Its official one the best RPG’s is getting a sequel, Baldur's Gate 3
  • the game is being developed by Divinity Original Sin 2
  • according to the reports Baldurs Gate 3 is based on the Larians Interpretation of the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragon ruleset
  • actually according to the founder of Larian studios If you like d&d and you want to play bg3, you’ll be happy
  • unfortunately there is no release date yet so will have to wait

Bleeding Edge

  • its seems like ninja theory is releasing a melee based overwatch called Bleeding Edge
  • the game is a third person hero brawler
  • the game will be exclusive to Xbox and Windows
  • and a technical alpha is set on June 27


  • During the Bethesda E3, Dishonor developer Arkane announced a new game called Deathloop
  • a new first person game which look like re zero
  • the game takes place in a mysterious black reef where two assassins keep killing themselves
  • unfortunately there was no mention of the release date

Elden Ring

  • FromSoftware the developer of DarkSouls, Sekiro and Bloodborne announced a new game called Elden Ring
  • a fantasy open world with a focus on RPG elements
  • the game is also a collaboration with George RR Martin, you know the creator of Game of Thrones
  • there was no gameplay revealed but its announced for PS4, PC and Xbox

Watch Dogs Legion

  • During the Ubisoft press Watch Dogs Legions was announced
  • it will be similar with the previous watch dogs games which is a hacking centric game
  • however the main difference this time is that you are now allowed to play npc
  • actually in the trailer it's revealed you can even play a grandmother
  • the game is expected to release on March 6 2020

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

  • In the latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer
  • we finally get to see sephirot and specifically tiffa
  • and just like speculations there was a slight downgrade if you know what i mean
  • unfortunately the game will still be episodic but damn it looks good
  • we also found out that the game is being developed for both ps4 and ps5
  • as for the release date?
  • Square enix is expected to launch the game in 2020

Ghostwire Tokyo

  • Aside from talking about Ikumi Nakamura will talk about their upcoming game Ghostwire Tokyo
  • the game takes place on Tokyo of course, where large numbers of people starts vanishing
  • its like a rapture
  • so the premise of the game is for the player to track down why is this happening
  • sadly there was no gameplay released

Marvel's Avengers

  • The developers of Tomb Raider Crystal Dynamics unveiled a new game Marvel's Avengers
  • and so far there were more questions than answers
  • then if you are a hawkeye fan it seems he's not in the game
  • according to the reports the game will have a co op game play which is still unclear how
  • the game will be released in may 2020 hopefully will have more details then

Halo Infinite

  • 343 Industries revealed more details for Halo Infinite which featured the return of Master Chief with a brand new Mjolnir Armor
  • according to the devs this will be a new chapter for the franchise
  • Halo infinite will release on 2020 and the game will be compatible with the new xbox called project scarlet

Cyberpunk 2077

  • CD Porject Red showed more gameplay for Cyberpunk 2077
  • and this time Keanu Reeves is even included in the game as Johnny Silverhand
  • to those who still don't know the game is a neon cyberpunk game
  • as for the release date
  • the game is set to release on April 16, 2020

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2

  • then finally but not the least
  • Nintendo has revealed that a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in development for Nintendo Switch
  • sadly it was only a tease and there isn't much info know a release date

And that's our e3 roundup we know we missed a lot but that's where you come in, what games are you most excited on so let us know and comment below!


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Well, now I have to decide between Cyberpunk and Watch dogs 3. I have to admit they both look like a lot of fun, but CD project Red are known for the better storytelling.. Difficult to choose XD
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