EA Hints a Battle Royale mode for Battlefield

Its no surprise PUBG is a hit phenomenon breaking steam charts and consistent high viewership from twitch streamers, however the game is not perfect not by a long shot even after its official release. The game is infested Chinese hackers, bugs, and poor optimization in comparison with its free counterpart Fornite which is by far smoother compared to PUBG though it lacks the appeal of realism to which players are mostly hooked.

So during an EA earnings call Andrew Wilson, EA's CEO praised PUBG for offering something new in the FPS genre if you discount all other games PUBG ripped of to begin with. He also stated that Battle Royale experiences are what the global FPS community wants and that EA's Battlefield teams are looking at ways to innovate the core gameplay along with the map design, so this hints that EA might in the future add this mode on its games.

If EA develops a mode or a new game it will probably be on the Battlefield franchise, so what can we expect? here are some of my thoughts!

  • The will use the frostbite engine which is primarily developed for FPS shooters, as a Battlefield player this will be a resource hog with the benefits of high graphics fidelity and lots of explosions.
  • The game will be in a Triple A title so PUBG dev's Bluehole needs to setup their game and start optimizing the game it just looks bad and clanky at times.
  • Levelution! if its on the frostbite engine expect destructible environments and dynamic weather. Have you seen rain on Battlefield? you should.
  • and of course micro transactions it wont be an EA game without that
An additional thought to make the gameplay similar with shrinking maps is that Battlefield can use biological warfare gasses like the mustard gas or mortar barrages to keep players in constant engagement.

Although much of this are just speculation, Im curios if the community is still open for a PUBG competitor, so let me know down bellow the comments as well as how they can make it a more unique experience rather than blatantly ripping off PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.