Early Access for Seven Knights Idle Adventure is now available on Android devices

An idle RPG spinoff based on the Seven Knights series was revealed by Netmarble dubbed Seven Knights Idle Adventure. This new game, which expands the universe of the brand with hitherto untold adventures, seeks to provide simple gameplay and was created especially for low-capacity and low-specification devices.


In Seven Knights Idle Adventure, players can raise and gather adorable SD versions of their old favorites from the first game. The game's Early Access is now available on Google Play for Android devices, allowing players to explore the expanded plot that includes over 130 Seven Knights heroes, 25 pets, and 170 hero costumes. The Early Access launch was accompanied by the release of a brand-new trailer on YouTube.

Early Access Contents​

A variety of features and game modes, such as the Main Field Exploration, where players can explore different areas and level up their preferred Seven Knights characters, will be available to Early Access players. Each territory has a number of levels that must be cleared by calling a boss after disposing of a specific quantity of adversaries. Through cutscenes and portrait discussions, the game's plot develops as players advance, revealing more about the characters' relationships and lore.



The game has a 10v10 PVP Arena where players may compete against one another and earn points based on how well they do in their matches. You can swap these points for exclusive benefits. In-game currency can also be obtained through accomplishing specific dungeon challenges, such as those in Gold Dungeon, Hero EXP Dungeon, Knight's Token Dungeon, and Relic Shard Dungeon, through Dungeon Delves.



Players can receive rewards for disposing of a challenging horde of summoned monsters via the Conquest Request system. Players can utilize the dice they earn by completing these missions to improve their heroes and realize their full potential.



The game's Infinite Tower, which has 300 floors filled with foes, is available to gamers looking for a challenge. There are several incentives for finishing each floor. Repeat Missions, which are issued daily, weekly, and continuously, are another feature of Seven Knights Idle Adventure that contributes to the game's constant flow of fresh content.



Seven Knights Idle Adventure Early Access Promo Video​

Early Access Celebration Events​

Seven Knights Idle Adventure is hosting a number of one-day events from now through August 3 to celebrate the Early Access. By achieving various in-game goodies during the SKIA Launch Carnival event, players can obtain the venerable "Legend Hero Kyrielle" from the original Seven Knights game.


A 14-day Check-In Event has additionally been introduced. Over the course of two weeks, this event awards players with a variety of gifts, including Seven Knights Summon Tickets.