Earn Free ML Skins Through Mobile Legends TikTok Treats 2021

If you want to have ML skins but don't have enough diamonds, keep on reading. I’ll guide you on how to get one, free, through TikTok Treats 2021.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and TikTok partnered up for TikTok Treats 2021 where players get the chance to win Epic-level skins. This event has already started last May 11 and will run upto May 22. This is an easy event where players will only invite their friends and after that, if they have earned enough points, they can get free skin. There’s also a chance that they could win one of the STUN skins.

To participate in the event, you must have both the apps installed. Here are the steps on how to participate in TikTok treats 2021:

1. Open the TikTok app and search “Mobile Legends.” Do not include a region or else you won’t be able to find the event page.


2. Tap on the TikTok Treats at the top of the search results.
3. Tap on "Earn Points" and check in each day to receive 100 Free Points.



4. You can also participate in other challenges by simply tapping on the “Join Now” button.
5. If you got invited by a friend, enter their invitation code and receive 500 points.


6. Inviting friends using your code will reward you 1,000 points for each friend who successfully registers in TikTok.

Once you have earned enough points, you could exchange it with various Mobile Legends skin. Be quick because these skins have limited stocks.
Here are the list of skins available and their costs:

S.T.U.N. Squad Skin Line​

  • Chou: 15,000 Points
  • Selena: 15,000 Points
  • Brody: 15,000 Points

Other Skins​

  • Layla - Saber Breacher: 20,000 Points
  • Nana - Mecha Baby: 20,000 Points
  • Rafaela - Saber Savior: 20,000 Points
  • Granger - Lightborn Overrider 20,000 Points
  • Ling - Street Punk: 20,000 Points
  • Hanabi - Venom Nephila: 20,000 Points
  • Alucard - Obsidian Blade: 60, 000 Points
  • Chou - Dragon Boy: 40,000 Points
  • Guinevere - Lady Crane: 40,000 Points
More skins may be added each so make sure to browse and check out if your favorite character’s skin is available.