Earworm "PAJ" Song from Falling into Your Smile Turns out to be Onmyoji Arena! Will Fans Get a Live Version of Xu Kai’s PAJ?

Recently, I stumbled upon a song – sung in Chinese, by the sound of it, and what made me remember it was "P-A-J, P-A-J, P-A-J" and the singer Xu Kai, who’s featured as the leading actor in the currently trending Chinese TV series Falling into Your Smile. The song was such an earworm that it kept me up all night, wondering just what on earth was this “PAJ”? So, I had to get up from bed and go on an investigation, and it took me next to no time to reach the truth: "PAJ refers to a game from China, called Onmyoji Arena. Are you saying you’ve never heard of it? Most of the people I know are all playing!” This answer posted by a netizen from Thailand was equally effective in solving my question and taunting me. I downloaded Onmyoji Arena immediately before anyone else could point a finger at me falling out of trend, and curious to find out whether the game could be as impactful as that “PAJ” song.

After going through the beginner’s tutorial, I dived right into a Casual Match to try my hands in actual battle. Onmyoji Arena proved to be a beginner-friendly game, easy to catch on even for players new to the MOBA genre. There is even a “Practice” feature, where players can familiarize themselves with the controls before teaming up with others. The playable characters – shikigami – differ in gameplay complexity, and players can choose to start with simple ones and then move on to ones that depend more on gaming techniques as they hone their skills. I also noticed that there is no such things as a Rune system in Onmyoji Arena, so it’s a huge yes for someone who’s too lazy to be bothered with fixing it around, someone like me!

In Onmyoji Arena, designs of all the shikigami are just so rich in details! Each and every shikigami’s abilities are in line with the character’s personality and background story, and abilities can be combined to create a huge diversity of combos. These combos are not only powerful, but also visually stunning, coupled up with all the charming shikigami in their uniquely gorgeous skins. Rumor has it that Xu Kai himself is a loyal fan of Onmyoji Arena, which, honestly, should already be verified by the masterful gaming skills demonstrated when he played the role of Lu Sicheng in Falling Into Your Smile – whether using the quixotic Youko, late-game carrier Dodomeki or Chin, he’s always there to shine on the battlefield. Watching him, I’ve decided that I will try out every shikigami in Onmyoji Arena, in search of the shikigami that suits me the best!

All the voice lines in Onmyoji Arena are done in three different languages: English, Chinese, and Japanese. Personally, my preferred option is Japanese, because it just fit so well when you are battling in a Japanese-style map! My biggest hope now is that they could make an English version of that song, so I can go "P-A-J" along together!

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