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Aug 7, 2018
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The pre-registration event is now over! The Game is now Live! You can now download and play Echo of Phantoms on both Adroid and Apple!

We have some wonderful friends who can join your fight in our new game, Echo of Phantoms. Some of them are cool mounts you can ride!
Mount System

When you reach lv.13, the Mount system will unlock. You can then ride beasts to travel around the mythical world! There are not only land mounts there are also flying mounts! They all have their own personalities and backstory.

Each mount will greatly increase your speed of movement so that you can reach your destination faster. The flying mounts will give you a chance to soar in the sky and get a birds eye view! At present, there are several land mounts like Cloud-burn Baby, Mottled Horse and Haiying as well as flying mounts like Fenghuang, Cloud-burn and Qiongqi.

The points gained in Arena and a certain amount of Mount Shards can be exchanged for precious Mounts in Point Shop.

Special system in game to take your friendships to the next level!

Marriage System
Marriage System unlocks at lv.50
Related NPC:Matchmaker at Luoyang

Enter the interface of the friend system, click on “Relationship” on the right side to check your sworn brothers or sisters, your marriage and your mentorship.

Engagement Requirements
  1. A male and a female character are a team.
  2. Both players reach lv.50.
  3. The team leader should carry an engagement keepsake (purchased in Mall).
Engagement Process
  1. Firstly the leader should apply for engagement at the Matchmaker, and write down a vow.
  2. The other player can reply to the vow.
  3. Engagement succeeds and both sides will receive corresponding keepsakes, rewards and exclusive logos etc.
Break Engagement
  1. Engaged players can unilaterally apply to break the engagement at the Matchmaker.
  2. After the engagement is successfully broken, the keepsakes and exclusive logos will be taken back by the system and both sides will be informed.

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In the mythical world, many PVP events are waiting for you, such as the Mausoleum of Qin, the Hero Tournament, the Camp War, and the Arena. Fight for yourself and for your team!

Mausoleum of Qin (PVP Map)
In the PVP map,the Mausoleum of Qin, players of different camps can fight with each other at a PK zone. The winner will gain Feat score and the loser will lose Feat score, players without camps won’t have Feat score. The winner will have a chance to grab the formation ore from the loser. There is no limitation on number of teammates, a player can even fight with a whole team.

Hero Tournament
In the Hero Tournament, you can build a 5-person team to fight with another team well-matched in strength. Your team needs to include yourself, 2 other players and 2 Companions (nonplayable Character). Remember that a clever strategy for 5V5 combat will grant you victory!

Camp War
The Camp War between the South Court and the North Prefecture never ends. Players of the same camp can build a team to challenge the opposing camp and gain points. The camp with the higher total points will win the war. Similar to the Mausoleum of Qin PVP, the Camp War requires players to choose suitable teammates according to player’s characters and make use of advantages of different teammates.

When you reach lv.20, you can then find Liu Laozhi in Luoyang to get in the Arena. Challenge the players in the ranking and win his place by defeating him! Your place won’t change if you lose the battle. The opponents selected by the system could be changed if you consume a certain amount of coins. The leader board of the Arena shows you excellent players’ teams, from which you can learn how to adjust your own lineup and build a strategy. A small tip: speed plays a vital role in the PVP, don’t ignore this important factor.

Here is another one of the Classes you could have in your party in our game, Echo of Phantoms.

Members of the Starry Palace learn complex Taoist magic. They master the power of the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. With extraordinary intelligence and energy, they leverage the Five Elements to their own use, turning wood into armor, setting things aflame, turning metal into weapons, or freezing water into ice. They are powerful but never bully the weak, they eliminate evil while promoting good. They choose the light wand as their weapon instead of heavy arms.

As the Mage in the team, members of the Starry Palace are masters of range. They are good at magic crowd attacks and defense. With this advantage, they can wipe out enemies quickly, meaning they shine in dungeons.

Xue Ya (Pronounced Shway-Yah)
Xue Ya is a cute 13 year-old forever. As a fairy herb farmer in Snowfield, Xue Ya was born into Shen Nong as career, the healers of the team.
The healers are the only ones that can continue to restore HP and resurrect, so they are very important both in PVP and in dungeons. Don’t forget to keep them protected!

Wu Ming
Wu Ming equipped with the Pupils of Disaster and the Eyes of Nether is the very definition of a protagonist! An extraordinary past life, strong amnesia, and an incredibly high IQ make him one of the most interesting main characters of our story.
The Pupils of Disaster and the Eyes of Nether allow him to see things that have yet come to pass.
Wu Ming is a member of Gui Gu, his defensive gifts and attack gifts are both remarkable.

Shen Yue (pronounced Shen Yoo-eh)
Shen Yue is the only mermaid who was able to leave her homeland where no one is allowed to leave. She left to save her people. Being from another world she is often not forthcoming about her personal life.

Shen Yue is a member of Starry Palace, an organization that deduces the movements of the world by observing astrology. The members of Starry Palace are adept at magical attacks specializing in area effect damage. They choose a light wand as a weapon instead of heavy arms. With the power of Taoist magic, they are able to protect themselves.

Shen Nong (Pronounced Shen No-ung)
Disciples of Shen Nong learn medicinal skills handed down from Chi Songzi, an ancient immortal. They rescue the dying and heal the wounded with the power of herbs. They are also able to perform exorcisms and purify evil spirits to recover people’s energy.

Open-minded and easy-going, Shen Nong disciples separate themselves from the earthly world. As pacifists, they help others and avoid conflict, therefore, they choose the fan as their weapon.

Disciples of Shen Nong are healers and supporters in the team. They focus on regenerating their allies’s health, resurrecting teammates and amplifying skill effectiveness. They bring relatively low damage, meaning they tend to shine when grouped with others.

He Lian (pronounced Huh Lee-an)
is one of our characters you can choose as your main in Echo of Phantoms. He is a direct descendant of a fallen royal family of Huns. He puts family before anything else. With the guidance of an ancient immortal, Chi Songzi, He Lian became a master magician.

His core believes center around the philosophical tradition of living in harmony with the Tao. The Tao is the source, pattern and substance of everything that exists.

Tian Shu (prounced Tea-en Shoe)
In Echo of Phantoms, the Yellow Emperor’s Hidden Talisman, also called Tian Shu, is a mysterious scroll from which the Daoist Magic is derived. Legend has it that Tian Shu revealed the principles of heaven and Earth. The disciples of Tian Shu are all intelligent, erudite and ambitious. They leverage the various control skills of Daoist Magic to defeat their enemies. The scroll serves as their weapon and should never be underestimated.

As the controller in the team, Tian Shu disciples lock down enemies and disable their skills with potent utility. They assist the whole team by keeping opponents at bay.

Chi Yang (pronounced Chear Yong)
is one of our characters you can choose as your main in Echo of Phantoms. He is strong and heroic. He lost someone very special to him and while mourning poured all his grief into his martial arts.

His moral compass is as true as they come and he believes in justice for all. He specializes in physical attacks and often uses his powerful ax.

Gui Gu (Pronounced Goo-ay Goo)
Situated in Qingxi Valley, Gui Gu School integrated Daoism, Yin-Yang theory and military tactics into their teachings. Their disciples are described as multi-talented because of their deep cognitive grasp of multiple fields like politics, geography and philosophy. Disciples of Gui Gu prefer to live in seclusion.

Here is the last main character we have to show you in our current lineup! Ling Long is a young Mohist disciple. As such, she is very skilled at designing mechanisms and automatons. When she was a little girl, she always dressed like a boy.

Chi Yang
who knew her growing up, didn’t realize she was actually a girl until years later.

As a prodigy of the Mohist School, she knows the best way to cause the greatest attack damage, enhance the attack effect, and she can also restore HP. Don’t irritate the powerful jack-of-all-trades!

Skilled in tactics, they dedicate themselves to helping all of Heaven and Earth, to secure life and fortune for all people, to continue the lost teachings of past sages, and to establish peace for all future generations. They use swords as their weapon.
As the mix of controller and fighter in the team, the disciples of Gui Gu typically enlist the use of attack damage and crowd control. Usually, they use crowd control to cause debuffs and then increase damage to wipe out enemies.

Here is your first look at one of our playable Classes in the new game Echo of Phantoms.

Here are some attacks you can expect in game if you choose the Class Dragonist!

With easy access to heavy damage, Dragonists like powerful and domineering weapons, so they choose the axe. They specialize in single target physical attacks and deal great damage.

NPC Spotlight!
This is Peach Blossom one of our Non Playable Characters or NPCs. She is a romantic at heart and within our game you can help her and her true love find happiness!

We have several pets you can have join your party. It is not unusual to keep pets, In Echo of Phantoms, you can raise mythical creatures to help you in your quest. Whether it is a beast walking on the ground, a fish swimming in the water, a bird flying in the wind, or a ghost wandering in the air.

Pets can be divided into four categories: physical attack, magic attack, defense, and support. Diverse pets can not only satisfy the collectors, but also give players a chance to watch them grow up gradually to be an intimate combat helper.

Echo of Phantoms also has a Chat System where you can talk to other players and make friends! The chat system is located in the lower left of the main interface, you can get messages from different channels of System, Message, World, Clan, Recruit and Current. Chat channels can be filtered as needed by the player.

In the Topic channel, you can enter anonymously to talk with other players. There is also a daily topic!

Knowing your character’s skills can make you unstoppable in single-player battle.

Hawk Strike: Single Target Basic Attack Skill. Eagle Strike deals P.DMG to 1 enemy if the target is under control effect, then it deals increased DMG.

Swipe: AoE Physical Skill. Attacks 3 enemies simultaneously, dealing P.DMG.

God Slayer: Single Target Physical Skill. Attacks 1 enemy 3 times in a row, dealing P.DMG. After cast, gain [Rest] effect which lowers DEF for 2 turns.
[Rest]: Can only perform DEF and Summon Instructions.

Dragon Command: Single Target Physical Skill. Temporarily increases cast speed and attacks 1 enemy, dealing P.DMG.

Meteor Speed: Single Target Support Skill. Applies [CC Immunity] effect on self and increases P.ATK and SPD for three turns. Cast the skill on the 4th turn.
[CC Immunity]: Immune to Crowd Control Skills.

Hidden Dragon: AoE Physical Skill. The power to move mountains, dealing DMG to Enemy team. Less Targets means Higher DMG.

Song of Justice: Passive Skill. Using the power of Fu Luan to boost HP, gain [Insidious]. Effect on killing the target: Increases self-P.ATK by 10%, can be stacked 3 times.

One of the great things within our new game, Echo of Phantoms is the Friend system! Within the game you can make new friends and keep in touch with old ones. Click on your friends’ character or enter their ID, and then you can “follow” them in the pop-up prompt.

Voice chat, text chat and emoticons are all available. You can send your friends items and pets. Also, you can introduce your friends to each other by sending name cards. If there are several friends who want to chat, a discussion group can bring everyone together!

Within your contact list, you can see up to ten players who have recently chatted with you, while in the latest mate list, you can see up to ten teammates who have recently fought beside you.

Echo of Phantoms is a 3D MMORPG mobile game produced by GAEA. Inspired by the Classic of Mountains and Seas, it displays unique eastern Asian aesthetics, reshapes the fantasy world with ingenuity, and brings us an immersive experience through retelling these ancient legends.

The mobile game reinterprets the familiar classical culture and blends different elements of fantasy myths, exotic animals and mythological figures to derive a brand-new story line.

To further complete the fantastical immersive experience enjoy voice acting by a top-notch cast as well as inspiring music by famous musician, Liang Bangyan.

Create lasting relationships with other players with turn-based gameplay, fierce combat between Camps, Marriage systems, and real time chat.
Experience orthodox east Asian culture and enjoy the charm of an ancient civilization by embarking on an adventure full of wonders, and collect mythical figures along the way.

  • The beautiful full world of a 3D MMORPG game.
  • Ancient eastern Asian aesthetics, brand new interpretation of old classics.
  • Immersive experience brought to you with the talents of many voice actors and a world famous musician
  • Attractive backstory inspired by ancient folklore
  • Interesting Menus and Frie