ECHO PH officially announces the departure of Killuash and Rafflesia

ECHO PH officially announces that two of their pro players have departed the team.

killuash and rafflesia.png

MPL legends and champions Ashley Marco “Killuash” Cruz and Christian “Rafflesia” Fajura have been with the team since the squad's Aura PH days, however, they have now parted ways with ECHO PH, as announced in the organization’s official Facebook page.

Despite them being seasoned players in the MLBB PH esports scene, both Rafflesia and Killuash were not included in any of the team’s matches in MPL PH Season 9. Instead of participating in the tournament, Rafflesia was relegated to a marketing and content role of the organization as Mang Kepweng’s predictions are hugely popular to the fans.

Being renowned for their sudden entrances in teamfights, Killuash and Rafflesia’s departure from the team saddened the fans as they hadn't seen the two play when they had the chance with ECHO PH.

Killuash is known for farming his lane and securing key items before joining skirmishes, while Rafflesia is known for his initiation setups, earning the nickname “The Intersection.” With these skills to back them up, fans were sad that they didn’t get the chance to see how they played for the last time.

As both Killuash and Rafflesia have left the team, they haven’t revealed any plans for how they will go forward with their esports career. Stay tuned if you want to know more.