Eclipse Isle Lag and Crash Issues


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Aug 7, 2018
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For some players who have lag and crash issues please check the following Q&A. We hope to solve the problems you are having right now.

Q: What are the specification requirements for Eclipse Isle?
A: We have been continuously optimizing Eclipse Isle over time, and we have reduced the mobile phone hardware and system requirements as best as we can. The recommended system and specification requirements are as follows:

Q: How do you solve the crash issue?
A: Before we release each new version of Eclipse Isle, the development team carries out many thorough rounds of testing. Generally, the game will not crash on mainstream models of mobile phones. Hence, if you meet with a crashing issue, we suggest you carry out the following on your mobile phone:

1. Clear up the background of your mobile phone: If the usable RAM on your mobile phone is too low, it might cause the game to be unable to run. This is especially so on many Android phones, where the internal memory is taken up by other applications. We suggest that you clear the unneeded apps running in the background using the task manager or mobile phone management software before you start the game. You can also clear background apps by restarting your mobile phone.

2. Clear up storage space: We suggest that you clear up some space in your mobile phone if it has too little free ROM storage capacity remaining.

3. Restart your mobile phone: Restart your mobile phone! If you are using an Android phone with low specifications, you should take note to disable the start up some unnecessary software that take up performance as you turn on your mobile phone. This can be done via system settings or various mobile phone management software.

4. Reinstall: If you have previously downloaded the game from unsafe channels, the installation pack might have been tampered with, causing some issues. We suggest that you download and reinstall the game from a trustworthy application store.

5. Upgrade your operating system: If the version of your phone operating system is too low, please update it.

Q: How do you solve the lag issue?
A: The Eclipse Isle development team is currently optimizing the performance of the game on various mobile phone models. However, there are still many other factors that might cause lagging. Apart from trying the above methods that are used to solve the crash issue, you can also try the following:

1. Adjust graphics settings: If your mobile phone has lower specifications or if there is serious lag, we suggest that you enable Smart Optimization in Eclipse Isle via Settings - Graphics. The game will automatically select the suitable graphic quality mode for you according to the specifications of your mobile phone and the framerate situation. Another method is to: Turn off Smart Optimization and manually select the graphics mode in Graphics. When you select Smooth, the graphic quality will be lowest, but it will run the smoothest.

2. Change network: When the network is poor, it might cause the game to lag or disconnect. We suggest that you change to a better Wi-Fi or cellular network.

3. Upgrade your operating system: If the version of your phone operating system is too low, we suggest that you update it to a more current version. This is especially for players on the Android operating system, doing this will significantly reduce the lag issues.

4. Change your mobile phone: For a better gaming experience, we suggest that you use a mobile phone with better specifications if possible to improve the performance of the game.

5. Other suggestions: You can try the suggestions for solving the crash issues like restarting your mobile phone or clearing up the background of your mobile phone.

Closed Beta Test Events Instruction

There are five events during this CBT for players to participate in:

1. Daily Sign-in
Event Time: Everyday

Event Details: Sign in Eclipse Isle each day during the test to get Light Jade, Star Coin and Shard. Rewards refresh at 4 am every Monday.

2. Hero Training Tasks
Event Time: April 20th–April 24th (GMT+8)

Event Details: Finish Hero Training Tasks to get generous rewards during the event. Get limited Gray weapon skin Red Ape on day 3. Get limited Gray skin Blazing Warrior on day 4. Finish all Hero Training Tasks to get portrait frame Set Sail.

3. Fairy Descent
Event Time: April 18th – April 25th (GMT+8)

Event Details: Finish missions to remove corresponding blocks during the event. Remove all the blocks to get hero Twilight.

4. New Warrior 3-day Pact

Event Details: Login each day within 3 days after creating new account to claim generous rewards. Get Lily skin City Fantasy on day 2 and pet Panda on day 3.

5. Lucky Golden Egg
Event Time: Everyday

Event Details: Smash eggs every evening from 7:00 PM (GMT+8) to 11:00 PM (GMT+8) to get plenty of rewards including Star Coin, Light Jade, Shard, Drake weapon skin Champion Gloves, Whisper weapon skin Defense Staff, Lily weapon skin Ceremonial Drumsticks, Zephyr weapon skin Ninja Board.