Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy is Now Open for Pre-registration

Konami’s September 2020 announced top-down action RPG for iOS and Android, Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy, is now open for pre-registration.


Aside from the opening of the pre-registration of the game, a TV commercial is also available for advance viewing. It’s already posted on Edens Zero's official channel on YouTube three days ago, September 11.


The gameplay of Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy is that players make their way to dungeons while combining skills and equipment, turning it into their ideal build.


The game’s story reproduces many scenes from the manga, aside from that, players can also enjoy original stories of the game. Flashy action scenes are also present whenever the characters use their “Ether Gear” abilities. Moreover, there are over 100 costumes, including original costumes by manga author Hiro Mashima, that the players can enjoy and choose from.



Here are the details for the pre-registration of Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy via their official website:
Interested players can pre-register through the following formats:
  1. Register a valid email address on the official website.
  2. Visit the official Twitter account (@EDENSZERO_PJ) for pre-registration details.
  3. Visit the official YouTube channel (Edens Zero Channel) for pre-registration details.

In-game items will be unveiled for every pre-registration milestone!
  1. Over 100,000 registrations: Three skip tickets (item to skip and clear quests).
  2. Over 200,000 registrations: One Iridescent Material (item to use for Cosmetics Crafting).
  3. Over 300,000 registrations: 100 Ether Drive (ED) (100 ED is used for “Item Drop Reward +10x” boost at event dungeon).

Everyone who starts the game at the launch timing will receive an in-game “Cyber Costume” item as a free gift.
  1. All users who started the game at the launch timing are eligible.
  2. Distribution might end without notice.
Campaign Overview

This is a campaign to give players rewards usable in-game when the app is released, based on the number of pre-registrations.


Following the release of the app, rewards are planned to be made available through players’ in-app Gift Boxes. If the method of receiving these rewards changes, the official site, etc. will be updated accordingly.

Rewards may be subject to change without notice. Changes to rewards will be announced separately on the official site, etc.

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