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Sep 27, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I would like to present you a free to play browser strategy game that caught my attention. I have played numerous browser games over the years , but this one got my attention after a long time. Basically it's a Real Life simulation game with many different modes , including Battles - Politics and Economy. A crucial factor was that despite being a free-to-play game , pay to win is limited to very good levels and the Administration is doing excellent job lately. A series of updates have really step up the game content and their support system is very fast , all my messages was answered in less than 24 hours always. These elements made me stay and explore more the game mechanics , which I may say for the full scale game are complex yet balanced!

The game is named eDominations and you sign up for any of the 72 available countries. I heard that if you want to unlock a new country you are able to gather a respectable amount of active citizens (players) and apply your request to Admin. That's very nice for group of players that wish to start their own country , as the map is realistic and based on real life dimensions and demographics of the game. Personally I love both economy and battles , plus being active really rewards you. There is a series of missions , weekly challenges and even random events that pop up in your homepage! Adding politics to your gameplay enhances your experience a lot and adds up a lot of gameplay time in your daily routine. There is another mode called Journalism , I haven't really invested in that yet but you can make your eLiving by publishing articles that get the attention for rest community. They are are able to subscribe to your newspaper , endorse it with currency (virtual) plus you earn achievements per 100 subscribers.

Lately the game is on fire and since there is only 1 server running , many players join the game. Last updates allow new players to catch up within 25 days of playing to a very competitive point. Believe me in 25 days you won't have explored 100% of the game , since there are many mechanics and strategic points you need to adjust to. There is a very nice boost to new players , that kept me alive the first days until I understand how the economy works. There are many different items and marketplace relies mostly on offer/demand rule , as long as the currency your country holds and its value. There is a currency house where you can exchange your Golds (official currency of the game) with the rest local currencies. In general economy has many aspects and being a freak will reward you fairly. Building and upgrading to produce daily more , visiting the countries which hold higher bonuses and export your products in lands with low import tax will boost your account even more!

The battlefield is a promising mode of the game , since fighting rewards you with many medals and reach TOP 1 in any battle will reward you extra! Thanks to many active countries and alliances , there is always a conflict of interests between them and the battles are fierce! Countries are able to sign pacts with other countries , conquer any land and feel the power of resistance in their empires! Additional items like Defense System or Hospitals add even more value to each region and protect it becomes mandatory for the survival of empires. The battle system works like this : a battle starts with 24 hours duration in total. There are 3 rounds lasting 8 hours each and there are different rules in each of them. In general to win a battle and in total a campaign against any country you need to make an extended plan , taking into consideration many factors!

The politics are very refreshing as well to your gameplay, as there are 3 elections per month. At 5th/15th and 25th of each month there are the following type of elections : Country President elections , Congress elections and Party President elections! You have to earn the trust of rest citizens to make it into politics and that requires activity! Make plans constantly for the best of your community and prove you are born a leader!

This is a fast presentation of the game that I liked a lot lately and will continue playing to see what new Administration will bring! You can always register to eDominations.com for free and text me there to help you even more at your first steps!

Thanks for reading that far!