Eggy Party to Launch in the Philippines on April 21st alongside Recruitment Event for Content Creators

NetEase Games has announced the launch of Eggy Party on April 21st for Android devices, starting with the Philippines, with more regions and platforms to follow. The launch will coincide with a Creator Recruitment Event, where content creators from around the globe will be given early access to Eggy Party so that they can engage with the game's map maker and share their designs on social media, allowing everyone to play through stages they have created.


The Eggs will soon be running, as Eggy Party is launching in the Philippines soon, and content creators worldwide can get in on the fun.

Eggy Party is a casual party game for mobile devices that involves competing against other players in a fun and exhilarating minigames such as Downhill, where the aim is to reach the end of the stage while avoiding obstacles that could throw you off the edge. Another interesting mode is Duck Egg, in which all players try to dodge an increasing number of giant eggs that are barrelling down toward them. In Eggy Party, players have control of the cute Eggy characters, which can be customized with various adorable outfits, expressions, and emotes. Once your Eggy is ready to play, they will have to run, jump, and roll through each stage, as the number of competitors is whittled down each round, until the grand prize is given to the last remaining Eggy. Although it may seem like a fast-paced game, Eggy Party was designed with mobile in mind, especially regarding its controls, which were optimized for touchscreen usage.


The launch version of Eggy Party provides players with the opportunity to unleash their creativity through the Eggy Workshop. which allows everyone to build their own maps and gameplay styles. This mode enables players to choose from a variety of events before giving them access to the map editor, where they can alter the shape of the stage and add different types of environmental objects and hazards. The Eggy Workshop saw some impressive creations during the game's beta phase, and fans will soon have the chance to show their talents to the world by assembling the most challenging stages possible.


To kick off the arrival of the Eggy Party in the Philippines, developers are hosting a Creator Recruitment Event. The event is open to players from around the world, and participants are invited to share their designs online. The recruitment is not limited to the Philippines, and players from all over the world are welcome to join the fun and demonstrate their innovative game designs. To enroll in the event, fill out the application form available at In-game rewards await those who participate in the Creator Recruitment Event.


The Creator Recruitment Event is calling all map creators and content creators to join in the fun. As map creators, you'll be responsible for creating engaging and captivating maps that will keep players hooked, with particular attention given to those with exciting designs and captivating gameplay.


Meanwhile, content creators will be entrusted with making videos about Eggy Party, with a particular emphasis on fan-created content. Once these videos are made, they will be shared on global social media platforms, including YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to spread the word about Eggy Party and show everyone how fun it can be.


It's almost time for Eggy Party to prove that it's all it's cracked up to be, with the Eggies soon ready to run and roll on smart devices worldwide, as players jockey to be in the first place. The entertainment never stops at Eggy Party, and those who want to take part won't have to wait long. The soft-boiled launch begins on April 21st on Android devices, but content creators can get a head start on creating content for what could potentially be one the most exciting games of 2023.

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