Egon: Inferna Bellum is a MMORPG to be released this year

MMORPG Egon: Inferna Bellum developed by Korean developer ROUND PLANET announced that the game is set to be released this 2021 on smartphones.

egon final.jpeg

Egon: Inferna Bellum was previously known as Project T and is the second MMORPG from the company. The game is produced by Kim Yeong-Seong who worked before in NCsoft.


In Egon: Inferna Bellum, players will have to win the hellish war to be the victor and regain their ego. Multiplayer battle system is one of the features of the game.


The game’s title was derived from different words. “Egon” is a combination of “Ego” and “Go on,” while “Inferna Bellum” means hell and war. Aside from the announcement, ROUND PLANET has also released concept visual arts to show the worldview of the game.