Elden Ring Fan Demake is now available in Game Boy for free

Elden Rin has been boosting in popularity since the game's launch. News about the game's demake has been going around since May of 2022. Now, the game is now out there and playable for free.


Elden Ring demake, created by Shintendo, looks like a Game Boy era title and draws heavily from The Legend of Zelda titles that appeared on the Game Boy. There will be no three-dimensional monsters attacking your Tarnished warrior here, nor will you find any lands beyond Limgrave and its deadly destinations. The project is much more simplified with retro graphics that perfectly fits the demake theme.

What if Elden Ring released in 1993? Elden Ring GB is a demake of Elden Ring that runs on real retro hardware including all Game Boy consoles, as well as in emulators and on Analogue Pocket. You can also play it right here in your browser, though the other methods are recommended to allow for saving, better colours and higher accuracy. Explore all of the Precipice of Anticipation, Northern Limgrave and Stormveil Castle in this bite-sized demake experience made in GB Studio.

You can run and install the game here!