Elden Ring gets a funny oddball Official Manga

Interestingly enough, the Elden Ring official manga is a comedy, and Melina gives the Tarnished a name with two meanings.

Nobody anticipated an Elden Ring manga to be a comedy, but it is, with the two chapters out now. Melina gives the Tarnished character a name with a double meaning in the series, with it being a pun on "sweaty." You Thought This'd Be Serious, Didn't You? is the title of the first chapter, which makes fun of readers who would have properly anticipated it to be a serious manga. The second chapter is named "Probably Maiden," which alludes to Melina.


Every month, chapters will be released on the fourth and the nineteenth; however, aside from the numerous fourth-wall-breaking jokes, it's unclear whether any actual Elden Ring knowledge will be deduced from this. But there is considerable curiosity in what Melina names The Tarnished.

Melina discloses that the Tarnished collectively go by the name Asebito, which translates to Faded Person in English. This is just another way of saying that the Tarnished has lost Grace, but Melina decides to make fun of him because he doesn't have a name and evidently took Elden Ring's Wretch class. She calls him by his name, shortening it to "Aseo," and the Tarnished asks whether she's serious as sweat drips down his body. This is due to the fact that shortening it with "Ase" in the lead merely refers to the main Tarnished character as "Sweaty" with a twofold sense.

This is a charming, cliched meta-commentary on video game gamers. Asebito may just be a cute little name for the Tarnished in general, something fans may enjoy learning, but it seems the entire introduction of this word is just at the main character's expense. If someone is constantly pushing for kills in a battle royale game like Apex Legends or even optimizing their builds for Elden Ring's PvP to win constantly, this player could be called "sweaty."


This comic tone is definitely established in the opening two chapters, and the manga appears determined to capitalize on it.It's been fun to make fun of the Tarnished thanks to Melina, but it'll be equally intriguing to see how Godfrey, Ranni, and Malenia treat him. Malenia won't likely take this Tarnished seriously if her characterization is maintained in any way.

But with a comic adaptation, anything is possible. Fans may anticipate two new chapters from this point on that are probably just as dense as the first two. It will be interesting to watch how this Elden Ring manga adaptation handles the grim and harsh environment of The Lands Between and makes it humorous.

For the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, Elden Ring is currently available.