Elden Ring: Top 5 Worst Boss Fights PC PS4 XBox One Switch 


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Jun 10, 2022
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Elden Ring is arguably one of the best games in recent years. We said “you’ll find an engaging and riveting experience from the start to the end” in our Elden Ring review.
One of the key elements of any Souls game is the boss fights. From the most difficult bosses to the best bosses, Elden Ring has plenty of them.
But some of Elden Ring’s bosses have some bad design elements or have some cheap tricks up their sleeve. Here are the worst boss fights in Elden Ring.
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The Worst Bosses to Fight in Elden Ring
Here are the worst bosses in Elden Ring, based on bad design choices or infuriating and cheap tactics they can use:

5. Radagon of the Golden Order / Elden Beast
If this boss fight was split with a break in-between, it wouldn’t be on this list. But as this final boss is one after the other, it ends up as one of the worst boss fights in the game.
While Radagon himself (or herself?) is fairly manageable, with many attacks being telegraphed, Elden Beast is completely different. Elden Ring’s final boss flies around, shoots millions of projectiles, and crashes into the ground, dealing major damage.

4. Commander Niall
While this boss is, thankfully, optional, he is an annoying boss to stumble upon during your adventure in The Lands Between.
On his own, Commander Niall can be slightly tedious, but certainly possible to defeat. However, he spawns alongside two Banished Knights that do equally deadly damage.
Unfortunately, Commander Niall also has some AoE attacks up his sleeve. But the Banished Knights are what makes this boss fight even more annoying.

3. Malenia, Blade of Miquella
Malenia is a strange one, as she is both a great boss and a terrible boss in Elden Ring.
She’s a difficult but optional boss that requires using everything you’ve learned beforehand. Parrying, timing, and learning your enemy’s patterns.
What makes this boss fight more frustrating, however, is the fact that she heals upon landing hits. So lots of flasks will be used, while her health remains up.
Thankfully, Malenia has a nemesis in Elden Ring, with Let Me Solo Her putting her in her place frequently.
But what’s worse than one Malenia? Hundreds of Malenias, as a recent mod turned all enemies into the Scarlet Rot goddess.

2. Godskin Duo
The Godskin Duo was one of the worst boss fights I experienced in Elden Ring. At least, until I had to fight what is at the top of this list.
While the Godskins themselves are optional and spread throughout The Lands Between, the Godskin Duo brings Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble together.
Not only are some of their attacks cheap, with Black Flame magic bringing your health down, but you’re required to defeat them up to four times due to their shared health bar.
This fight required me to not only switch from a magic build to a bleed build using Larval Tears, but I had to keep crafting Sleepbone Arrows just to make the fight possible.

1. Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader
Finding Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader requires following all of Ranni’s questline in Elden Ring, making it a difficult boss fight to even find.
However, it may be best to pretend Alecto doesn’t exist. She’s a fast, hard-hitting, and brutal boss fight which is as punishing as it is annoying.
Her attacks are difficult to keep up with, and blocking is completely futile in this boss fight. This means that some builds may struggle with Alecto.
While this boss fight is completely optional, defeating Alecto offers one of the best Spirit Ash Summons in Elden Ring. And defeating her helped me beat Elden Beast in the end, too.

Those are our worst boss fights in Elden Ring, but we’re sure many of you have different boss fights that put a sour taste in your mouth.