Elder Scrolls Online's Morrowind Expansion Opens Early To Some On PC PC 

The Elder Scrolls Online's upcoming expansion named Morrowind is being planned to offer an early access period announced by Bethesda but only for players using PC and MAC. Existing players on either of those platforms who purchase the digital upgrade of the expansion or the collector's edition can access Morrowind starting on May 22. That's a full two weeks ahead of the expansion's official release on June 6.

This access isn't limited to a portion of the expansion, nor is it only a preview where progress will be wiped afterward. Players will be on live servers and will not lose any of their progress once Morrowind launches in June.

Purchasing the digital upgrade or digital collector's edition before launch will get you into early access. Those who buy the physical version of the collector's edition will need to contact the game's support team in order to receive access.

source via Elder Scrolls Online News