Electro-sol Championship Tournament, Friday, March 13th, 2020

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Apr 17, 2019
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C all at 1/8552/12/721/2/ to enter the pool. Also, you can use my personal Code "HDWIESignup" to get a FREE SURPRISE GAMING GIFT.

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BRIEF BACKGROUND: WORLD INDIE ESPORTS ASSOCIATION: "Believe it or not, the relevance of every major business, and sports IS a high grossing, relevant business industry, is the psychological impact made on the media and viewers. Time to get super serious and make it an actual sport" is the thought from our creator. Global teams, skillset requirements various divisions, sponsors, uniforms, draft picks, playoffs, and championships - all done annually with seasons. This is what The World Indie ESports Association has cultivated.

DETAILS: The E-Craze Draftpick pool has 15,000 screening seats worldwide. There are 5,000 screening seats in all three platforms: PC, Microsoft XBox, and Sony PlayStation.