Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit 2023 10th Anniversary Event introduces the ESGS Creator Grants

2023 will mark a significant milestone for the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS), the leading video games, esports, technology, and gaming pop culture celebration event in the Philippines. This year's ESGS, which is in its tenth anniversary since its launch in 2014, features fresh features and surprises.


Bigger Event, More Features​

This year's ESGS is being held in Pasay City's World Trade Center. Some of the largest economic, trade, and cultural expos and events in the Philippines take place at this location. With special events, competitions, cosplay, and thrilling displays from their partner brands—which include Globe Telecom, Samsung, JBL Quantum, Riot Games, ASUS Republic of Gamers, MSI, Tecno Mobile, RUMBLE ROYALE, Lenovo, LG Electronics, Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia, and many more—ESGS is enlivening the legendary halls starting on November 3.

Additionally, new feature sections honoring different gaming interests will be introduced at the said event. The ESGS 2023 Cosplay Contest, guest panels, and meet-and-greet chances will be among the displays and competitions that the Cosplay Village will host for the first time this year. Attendees can also test out demos created by some of the nation's most skilled indie game developers at Indie Fest, which is putting independent game makers in the spotlight. In addition, ESGS uses Gaming Class, including speakers from Ubisoft Philippines, Keywords Studios, and other companies, to impart industry information and opportunities.


The ESGS Marketplace is back this year, better than ever, with even more artists and merchants selling their stuff. And after opening as a new venue last year, the Astra Arena is back with highly anticipated competitions like the LoL Empyrean Cup, a League of Legends comeback event, and the Valorant tournament for JBL Quantum League.

ESGS Creator Grants​

As part of the celebration of the event's tenth anniversary, ESGS is returning the favor to the community that helped grow the event to its current size. ESGS 2023 launches the Creator Grant program in collaboration with Globe Telecom, which offers grants and incentives to independent game developers, cosplayers, artists, and merchants, among other creators in the gaming industry.


The goal of the ESGS 2023 Creator Grants is to recognize and support local artists by offering rewards and incentives of up to PHP 500,000. Additionally, Lenovo Legion joins Globe in supporting an Independent Game Developer Grant given to a fortunate Indie Fest participant.

More Gaming Brands, More Creators, and More Booths​

Without the creators and additional game brands, ESGS cannot be considered complete. Leading influencer group RUMBLE ROYALE will be present at ESGS 2023 to organize panel discussions, meet-and-greets, and organizing events. Additionally, The Pokémon Company is excited to provide Pokémon Card Fun Packs and playmats to every attendee of ESGS 2023 as part of their participation this year. Pokémon cards offer an ideal chance for individuals to strengthen their relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners.

As new relationships are formed and old ones are reinforced, it will be thrilling to watch as each player opens their packs, shares their best cards, and challenges the others in combat!


Riot Games' presence at ESGS 2023 promises spectators an exciting esports experience. They are thrilled to witness the return of the fierce competition in our Filipino League of Legends community. The company is focused on reviving local initiatives to enhance local play, starting with rekindling the love for competitive League play and exposing people to TFT during ESGS! To note, Riot Games regained publication rights for both League and TFT early this year.